Hennery is place, where is laughter at all the time. Chickens must talk about something, so they have better conditions for laying eggs. Rooster is outside on watch, checking if someone is coming. Hens have a secret hidden inside and noone knows about it. Little chickens. Even Odynauts, who keep them, do not know about them yet. But vulpine fox knows and is searching for them..
Welcome to the casino! Nobody leaves it empty. People, who lose all their money and bought chips are going out at least with a good feeling of game and lots of experience. Tension is around every corner. And when you meet the always cheerful odynauts, you will never want to leave.. Chipleader casion opens its doors..
In Stone Age, fire was the most important thing, what a tribe can have in its cave. Food, weapons and even women are not so essential for their existence. So when two tribes meet and fight for territory, their first task was to put out opponents lifegiving fire. And this is also your mission in card game Cavemen: Playing with Fire.