This years harvest is rich, but there is more and more inhabitants on the island. And they will becom hungry. To feed all of them and while doing that, race with other tribes for delicious fruit? It may look like a lot to ask for one man, but all these missions wait for you. And you have to manage them, if you want to survive next winter on Tahiti..
Pick up your courage, fly off to Egypt and grow crops no the waterside of Nile. You wish to do that, but something holds you at home? School? Wife? Children? Dog? It does not matter. Nile DeLuxor offers you a pleasant alternative, which can you enjoy from your home. And yet you will come to Egypt and become a farmer. And you will have a wonderful time.
Danger is waiting everywhere. Hide behind the rock with sword in your hand, or different weapon, that suits you and wait for them. You might even finally fulfill your dream about meeting a three-headed monster, dragon spitting fire or something different, what has never seen anyone. Every dream counts. Especailly when it comes true. And one dream come true of players can be also a new board game Venture Forth.