How would it look, if fools wanted to play cards? They probably would not agree on common rules and start to play cards one over another. Well, this game is a bit similar to this..
When someone lets you pick one of two things, can you choose just one of them by yourself? Will you go to the movies to see romance or action? Sometimes, decision making is not each, but most of the time, your taste decides for you. And in the end, we are able to pick JUST ONE, as in Choose One game.
You are in foreign city looking for a coffee shop. You finally get to a plaza and see it from the distant with glowing coffee cup in its sign. But before you manage to get there by feet, some extraterrestrial hand descends from the top and moves it somewhere else. What should you do now? Will you continue searching or do you settle for a sweetshop, just a few steps away. Will it be there, when you start moving? This is chaos, this is Fluxx..
World is filled with nightmares and horrors and its coming to its end. It is a year 2012. The best year for an apocalypse since start of new millenium. And it is therefore also best dat efor publishing a vision of Mr. Lovecraft, who predicted a dark end for our world in his books. Enter a world, where Cthulhu and Fluxx are one..