When something happens, everyone is suddenly a suspect. Police will interrogate you as well. And since you´re not exactly a saint, you have to prepare a good alibi. This time at the Arosa hotel, you can really be guilty..
Sometimes less is more. B-movie makers know this, especially those who create living deadfor many years. Literally masses of those, who should already be long dead and buried, marching through the devastated streets, ignoring flames and explosions and going straight for their goal. Juicy brains.
Secret lost temple was hidden from human eyes for centuries. And they found it anyway. There are unseen treasures hidden inside, but also adventure, because its builders were very clever. For the time of its being, it has seen almost everything and yet it will be surprised by greed of today people. There is only one certain thing – it will be still there. Opened and empty..
A proper spiral of numbers will flood you and make your head feel dizzy. One such drawing is hidden inside game of Cinco. But fortunately, no black hole will suck you in. It patiently waits, until you create a line of tokens on its colorful circle..
You can become immortal. But there is a catch to it. You will promise to protect Earth forever and even for the price, you can really die. Supernatural weapons are the only ones with power to harm you. Can you stand up for people even with the side of losing eternal life?