Review: Thunder Alley Expansion Tracks


I’m already tired of racing on two tracks. I know every corner here. Although I have never won, I have no place to improve. Those turns do not fit right here and I would like to try my skills elsewhere. There, I’m sure, I can beat all the opponents and be the first one on the finish line!

For all race enthusiasts, it is a great news, that the expansion of the great game is coming to the market, and you can already read the review of base game from Petr. But it’s fun to race, that we wanted to try the expansion ourselves. It was created by original game designers, Jeff and , who released it with the help of .

This package contains only one sheet with the title under which five routes are twisted: Snug Harbor, Launis Raceway, Wellington Raceway, Reny Heckman Speedway and Fraley & Sons Dirt Oval. These are not real circuits. This brings a negative, because you do not know the circuits by heart and you do not have to collect them, because of their famous names. But at the same time it also means that the designers can prepare them directly for the game and its mechanics.


And here it really proves its qualities, because the authors managed to excellently support their gameplay. In Thunder Alley, players control the entire team of cars and use the set of cards to move them forward. Cars often move as a group, but players help not only machines of their own color. Overall, it’s just about the effects of cards, that every experienced Thunder Alley player knows and it can not surprise him the least. And a set of new maps is ready for these rules.


Cards are common to all tracks, so we’re really gonna need just the new big boards. These are of course folded and really monstrous. The biggest impact is, of course, the fact, that players can finally play a good real season. One race is suddenly not as important, you have to perform well on all tracks to win. And it finally shows, who is really the best.

For some routes, there are specific rules and changes to the experience. On one oval, players can not change bands in turns, which greatly reduces effective card playing. Elsewhere, a target line has only one route, which can cause serious problems. Players need to plan even better and be able to rank in time. Shorter tracks are really uncompromising, because they are only halfway in size. Sometimes players will even experience alternative variants.


Added variability is tremendous. A lot of new tracks mean, that players will always race a little differently. But if you do not like racing again, then the new tracks may still look similar. Changes are not significant and it’s mainly about having to race and change the environment a bit. Additionally, this set of tracks is compatible with Grand Prix game. These are exactly the things, that all Thunder Alley lovers want to hear, and that is why a set of expanding tracks is a clear recommendation for everyone with petrol in their veins.

DesignerCarla Horger, Jeff Horger
PublisherGMT Games
Year Published2015
# of Players2 - 7
User Suggested # of Players Best with 7 players
Recommended with 5, 7 players
(2 voters)
Playing Time90
Mfg Suggested Ages10 and up
Language DependenceSome necessary text - easily memorized or small crib sheet
(2 voters)
CategoryExpansion for Base-game, Racing
MechanicHand Management
ExpansionGrand Prix, Thunder Alley
FamilyDigital Implementations: Tabletopia, Sports: Auto Racing
Primary NameThunder Alley:

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Review: Thunder Alley Expansion Tracks
Final word
The expansion of Thunder Alley brings a number of new interesting tracks, that are surprisingly different. Circuits with long straight lines and stretch-bound narrow-track tracks are waiting for players. Overall, the benefits in terms of variability are great and make it possible to make a lasting series of races. If you try it once, Thunder Alley can no longer be played without these options and tracks!
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enough new tracks
the experience changes
finally a good championship
small, tighter, circuits
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