Review: Hedgehog Haberdash – pointed treasure hunter

It’s autumn. Every good hedgehog has a stored supply for the whole winter, a ready house and is just waiting for it to freeze so that it can climb in there and hide for as long as the ground is covered with white dust. But I have no supplies. It rained for a lot of days and I’m afraid of water, so I preferred to stay safe between the roots. And now it looks like I’ll have trouble finding some more fallen apples.

The players in the board game , created by and supplemented by with illustrations, will be tasked with collecting supplies for the winter. The game was released in by .

On the lid of a small yellow box we see playful hedgehogs who do not seem to be afraid of winter. Inside, the player is waiting for a lot of cardboard pieces, from which the individual characters of the main characters can be built. They will have legs, a head, glasses on it and a back with seven large holes. For now, they will yawn with emptiness, because they will put the colored leaf tokens themselves in a canvas bag. Everyone takes one hungry hedgehog with them.

The novice player picks up the dice, rolls it, and looks to see if the one or two ticket symbol has fallen. Accordingly, he can draw one or two tickets blindly from the bag. The player hopes that the drawn piece will have the tip of the same color as his hedgehog glasses. Only then can he keep it. Fortunately, each leaf has exactly two colors, so the chances are great. Players then always place the sheet with a color that matches their glasses on top.

Otherwise, he will find a player who has this hedgehog and attach a sheet to his back by hand. Each game involves a complete set of hedgehogs, so it is possible for a player to draw and donate a hand to a hedgehog who does not belong to anyone.

The other two sides of the cube hide the wind symbol. When a player falls on this icon, the player gets a chance to ticket one of the opponents. Here comes the memory, because if a player can find among the opponent’s tickets one whose other tip has his color, then he can take it and place it on the back of his hedgehog. Otherwise, it will help one of the opponents!

Players take turns throwing dice and moving tickets, either from a bag or from rival hedgehogs. Only when one of the prickly heroes has a set of seven leaves in his color on his back does his owner become the winner.

Hedgehog Haberdash is a wonderful game that will appeal to the little ones. It offers magical figurines of hedgehogs who collect cardboard sheets. Basically, it looks very simple and random, but in reality, players have a surprising chance to influence the development.

But they need memory to do that. Each piece is two-colored, but one part of the sheet is always hidden. The player must therefore remember what color is hidden where, which becomes harder and harder with the increasing number of leaves. But because there are always four hedgehogs in the game, the offer is the same no matter how many players participate in the game. However, it is quite different how a player is touched when someone steals one of his leaves due to a wind symbol.

And the recommended minimum age is also related to the attractiveness for the little ones. This has been set on the box for three years, because the only more complex element of stealing pieces can be easily replaced by another draw from the bag. And so the little players only practice color recognition, which works great with the help of their parents. In addition, when placing the leaves on the hedgehog’s back, he also verifies his motor skills.

The novelty excels in its famous processing, because at the beginning of the first game you hedgehogs from several cardboard parts and from then on they will live in the bottom of your box. It all looks really fantastic and the game works like a magnet for children.

Hedgehog Haberdash is a flawless children’s game that will make little players very happy. They can play it from the age of three, but they can also grow with them and add a pinch of rivalry to the course. In general, the game is mainly fast-paced fun, lasting only about fifteen minutes. Hedgehog Haberdash is a perfect children’s game that has nothing to complain about.

Review: Hedgehog Haberdash – pointed treasure hunter
Final word
Hedgehog Haberdash does his best. Of course, you have to keep in mind that this is a children's game and the difficulty corresponds to that. In addition to the basic coincidence in throwing the dice and drawing lots, it is also possible to remember the position of the tickets and steal them accordingly. Everything is for the little ones, but it will also offer real play and fun. Hedgehog Haberdash will make all children happy.
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+ processing
+ possibility to add a variant with memory
+ simplicity
+ for three years
= nothing
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