Review: Artbox – square drawing

Everyone can draw according to the assignment. But the real artist is that he can improvise and adapt to difficult conditions. The hardest moment is when a hooligan comes and draws several geometric shapes on your masterpiece. Can you deal with that?

A similar bait awaits players in the party game , which will involve drawing. The game was created by designer with the help of . The novelty was first published under the auspices of . The English version was then provided by . This is a novelty of , which is distributed on the European market by .

The elegant white smaller box bears a stylish label with a hashtag and a name, but we also see one of the possible paintings there. Individual players will receive a screen from the contents of the box, an ordinary sharpened pencil and also several sheets for drawings. He places a shuffled stack of word cards, chips with numbers (as many as there are players) on the table side, and also an assembled board with eight positions for placing drawings. Much more important for the course are the shape cards that players prepare for sight, as they will need to combine them with the dice. All that remains is to build an hourglass and create a stack of victory tokens.

In the game, each participant first receives two word cards at the beginning of each round and secretly chooses one of them. This is a picture that the player will draw. One of the players then rolls four dice as the final step of the preparation and places them on the shape cards according to the resulting icons.

The assignment is now complete and players can proceed to the drawing. But he has to make his whole picture only with the help of shapes that are marked with cubes. Plus, only as many dice as there are on each shape card. Therefore, you will use a maximum of four shapes from the menu, wheel, square, triangle, and line in each round. Depending on his speed of completion, the player then immediately takes the token with the highest value from the center of the table.

But for now, the pictures must remain behind the screen. The players hand them over by drawing down, and the designated player then shuffles them all and places them in a random order on the drawing board. A set of input cards also appears in random order below the images. Even those must not know which belonged to which of the players. But he mixes a random set of cards with them before unloading. On the back of his next canvas, the player writes his supposed link between the drawing and the word.

As soon as the first player completes his tips, he turns the hourglass and sets a time limit for everyone else to try. However, during the evaluation, points are not awarded to everyone who has had any success. Only the player whose picture received the most correct tips will get the victory point. Conversely, the one who guessed most successfully and has the most correct answers will also receive points.

The game continues with other rounds, in which everyone draws and guesses again. Thus, the players gradually try to gain points and the fight is over when one of them gets the fifth token of victory. The player with the highest number of points becomes the winner.

Artbox is an interesting drawing game, which is not really about drawing as such. All you have to do is know the wheel, square and triangle. In the end, players mainly need imagination to be able to combine these simple geometric symbols. They need to create an image from which others know their topic.

At the beginning of the round, everyone can choose one of the two topics that suits them best. However, the selection takes place when the player does not yet know the exact combination of shapes from which he will have to cast a spell on paper. So they have to choose emotionally and have some backup plans.

So it’s not about who a good draftsman is. Whether you know how to make a portrait for someone or just draw simple shots, the situation will be balanced here. More importantly, you can imagine various options and simplify a given shape, such as a crane, gamepad, or globe. And you can imagine how fun it can be to draw our planet with triangles and squares.

Just as fun as drawing and figuring out how to create the right shape is tipping. Players must find the right intention in the bosses of others. And there are a lot of funny moments, because the results of such simplified pictures are always fun.

Scoring is very interesting and uncompromising. Only the best two in the round can get a reward. So it’s not just a matter of answering correctly, but of being the one who knows the creations of everyone else best. Of course, the player himself also participates in the chances of the others, but again, there is a second reward for the draftsman in the form of the highest number of correct tips for his picture.

Later, more experienced players can change the conditions for the end of the game even further and use the two colors of the winning chips. Each player gets each for a specific success, ie the right tips or an excellent drawing, and then the conditions for victory change. Players must be versatile.

On the other hand, the rules we describe may seem complicated for children. Therefore, you can further modify them according to the manual so that the hourglass is not used and the player does not even have to use all the shapes in full. This simplifies the game, but still tests the children, who only need to know the word in the assignment to have fun.

The game is, of course, designed for fights from at least three participants, and as is often the case with party games, the more opponents fight for victory, the better for the overall experience. But in three, players even have the task of drawing two pictures in one round, which will significantly improve the overall impression of guessing. Thanks to this, Artbox is one of the few guessing games that works very well in three. The game time is then given by the hourglass limit and does not exceed thirty minutes.

We should probably call Artbox a drawing game, but in reality this is not the case. After painting, players can use only four shapes and their derivatives (rectangle, ellipse) and create a lot of different shapes from them. Thanks to this, Artbox places slightly different demands on players than we are used to with this type of game. And that’s what makes her fun.

DesignerArtem Lis
PublisherJet Games Studio, Lavka Games, CrowD Games, Do it games, HUCH!, Matagot, Surfin' Meeple China
Year Published
# of Players3 - 8
User Suggested # of Players Best with 8 players
Recommended with 4, 5, 8 players
(5 voters)
Playing Time40
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
User Suggested Ages6 and up
(1 voters)
Language DependenceExtensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be playable
(1 voters)
CategoryParty Game, Real-time
MechanicDice Rolling, Line Drawing, Paper-and-Pencil
FamilyMechanism: Drawing, Mechanism: Give a Clue / Get a Clue, Mechanism: Judging Games
Primary NameARTBOX
Alternate NamesПрорисунки, 藝術寶盒

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Review: Artbox – square drawing
Final word
Artbox is a funny game in which you have to create meaningful images from squares, circles and triangles with a pencil. It may sound strange, but in the game itself it's mostly fun. Players must try to simplify the idea on the card as much as possible, and thus the game places unconventional requirements on them. At the same time, the games are fast, the moves are short and betting belongs to each round. Artbox is such a fun party game in all aspects.
Reader Rating0 Votes
+ drawing with a couple of shapes
+ guessing is fun
+ strict scoring
+ game time
= randomness of shapes means different difficulty for individual players
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