Abandonned planet is waiting billions of years in space, when the human race fills its surface. But there's no oxygen there, so humans have to live in colonies inside glass hemispheres. Visions of many science fiction writers have come true.. or is it just a dream? No! Everything is different, it's a great new board game!
Today, as our first review on Elephant's Board Games, we bring you a delicious card game. We invite everyone, who enjoys the world of the undead, on a journey to one abandoned house. The problem with brain-eaters now troubles the whole globe, when a tiny virus got out of control. It might be a glimpse into not-so-distant future. The we should ready ourselves for the things to come. We should play Resident Evil: Deck Building Game.
Fasten your seatbelts right, because we are starting! Now! Keep the pedal down! You are finally gaining speed. Your adrenalin level is rising as you enter the first chicane, but what the...? Your car isn't responding as it should. You look outside and see, that the whole circuit is covered with cards. And driving on cards is slippery. You must now drive carefully and feel the car. Welcome to the world of Nitro Dice.
You might have heard, that the imps have gone crazy. They filled the dungeon with peculiar creatures. They argue about cages and resist their rages. Their creatures are happy at home, where they have cages like dome. They sell them relatively cheap, they say, but who else would like them to keep? Go on a walk and feed, where in heavens can this lead? And what about the dungeon lords, what would they have to say, about the creatures disappearing as imps pray?
Welcome to the world of camels and sand. It's time to raise some money. And because everybody has gold but you, there is nothing easier, that join some family. By marriage. But beside the money, you'll also get an obligation to maintain family fortune. But why not to do that, when it's also your money?
Ninjas, ninjas, pay attention! Everybody, who has catanas in their drawers, or shurikens or nunchaks, you should listen carefully. There is an adventure waiting for you in a world of LEGO. And because the ninjas would not any under circumstances stand against each other, you will unite your strengths in a first cooperative LEGO game. Can you resist?