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We were lucky enough to get one of those few precious preview copies of new card game Chaos and Alchemy, whose official publishing date is planned for 2014. And because you have chance to support it on Kickstarter, we are presenting you with preview of this game..
In one corner, there are bubbles. You can hear some hissing from the second, third one whistles, only the fourth one is quiet. Two fluids. Combine them in different phases. Just be prepared, as anything can happen.
There are cold people in the north. When they decide to go to war, there is nothing to stop them. Even the thought of death, that is for many of them actually redemption. Who would not want to get on a dragon boat as a hero? And such are born only in battles!
No nation is ever alone, whatever you may think. It always depends only on how far it is able to move their borders. Once resistance is encountered, you can clearly hear the clatter of swords!