Minima Architecto Minima architecto ut recusandae quia eos cum. Ea quibusdam playstation rerum hic eos qui rerum corporis. Rerum quia...
Dostala se nám do ruky jedna z mála preview verzí hry Chaos and Alchemy, jejíž oficiální vydání se plánuje na rok 2014. A protože právě v této době máte jedinečnou možnost si ji předobjednat, přinášíme vám článek, který vám řekne, jak se vlastně tato novinka hraje..
Zombie Fluxx. Just these two words will suffice, to describe the whole card game, which we have now in front of ourselves. You can imagine. Fluxx creates havoc. And zombies will provide atmosphere and environment. And yet we write about this game today in our review quite closely, because they offer some interesting news into Flux rules..
Star Fluxx will take you to the stars and far far away. Submerge into a simple card game, that gives you total freedom and no futile rules will bother you. This card game by Looney Labs is very popular and still remains opened for everybody. The question is: is this an ideal family game or not?
The world was beautiful as paradise. But today it is a hostile place, where only couple of thousands of human beings strive for survival. Become one of them and gain power, which noone of the surviving has ever dreamed of! And there, somewhere in the desert, there must be this dreamed place called 51st State, where everything is as is it supposed to be. People live there in harmony and peace. Fulfill your dream in this new card game!
Today, we will take a journey into one really old and creepy house. But it would not be righteous haunted house, if there would not hide something shiny behind those frightening monsters - in this case, there are shiny chests full of gold. Prepare your team of heroes and outsmart your enemies!