Car racing usually needs a big circuit, racing specials and motors stuffed with power, making a lot of noise around. But this time, we welcome you into a peaceful world of card games. It is possible to live adrenaline adventure there, with a pedal on the floor. Over there.. in Famous 500.
Three, two, one, LIFT OFF! Smoke and noise is everywhere, when rockets start going up off the Earth surface. Race is starting seemingly slow, but yet there are tens of thousands of fans and excited spectators. They expect drama and they will get one. But you have other thoughts right now. You are member of rocket’s crew. You will decide, where will your ship go and whether it will succeed. Space race has started!
Welcome to race start. You do not know it yet, that even you cannot resist and you will bet on the future champion of sprint to Mount Olympos peak. Only one can reach the top first, but winners can be different. Besides the true runner, winners are also those, who bet on the right horse. You should cheer too!
Everyone always thinks, that when they have the fastest car, their victory is certain. But it's not true, because in addition to maximum speed, there are other factors, that may decide about winners and losers. Do you know them all? Play Road Rally USA.