Triangles, circles, squares, all in different colors and sizes. And only one of them is the right key to unlock treasure. Can you solve puzzle and break the code? For everyone, who likes to combine shapes and colors, we have Crazy Mix here.
Storytelling is a great thing. Children can go on and on in listening to some nice story of their parents. And everything, that lights up their imagination is great. And that is reason for Dixit being so popular. Today, we have a new Dixit here, an Odyssey. Lots of new cards and new ways to play await you. Are you in?
World is not what it used to be. There are dead bodies walking around and chasing all the people, who have still blood running through their veins. You are among a group of the living, which is pursued by the undead. These brain-eaters have even put up a hunt and only the one, who will run fastest, can escape them. So take to your heels, but save your strenght, cause the run might be long. The zombies are coming!
Do you think, that for example hot dog can put up an uniform, put a helmet on its head and run with a machine gun in its hand into a fight against other food? There is a constant battle going on in a Food world. They are fighting over the position on your plate. Only the winner can satisfy your taste. The loser will quietly rot and end up in trash bin. Imagine, that you are commanders of such an army! What would you do? Food Fight is here!
Laboratories are filled with colorful substances. Imagine, that some of them come to life and begin to run. Scientists are not the right people to hunt those tricky slime things down. So they call a hunter. You. And one Panic Lab needs you right away..
Pixels are the smallest points, from which is computer image composed. They are quite small nowadays, you can hardly recognize them, but there was a time, when pixels were part of everyday work or playing on PCs. Come with us and return to the past, remember and have enormous fun in a new draging game called Pix!