Stony ways are not always the best. You could stumble or slip on them. Fortunately boardgame Via Appia tells a story about construction of one such road, its gameplay does not slip nor stumble. It works with precision, as if every stone was carved precisely for players.
Each step of the samurai is cautious and prudent. And it does not change even when he stands in front of a city construction. Maybe that's why small group of cottages became the largest and busiest cities in the world.. By thoughtful growth. Its name was Edo.
To build a whole new kingdom, that a task worthy of someone with truly unique skills. They would maybe even need some kind of supernatural powers to do it. You have none of these, but lots of ordinary people relies on you. But only in case you succeed in your task and whole realm will prosper. When citizens are satisfied, so is the king..
What should you do, when a legend gets lost and you need a hero? You have two options - you either set out to find the legend or you try to discover a new warrior to save the world. Tonight, we chose the second. It's time for a new legend to be born!
Welcome to the world of camels and sand. It's time to raise some money. And because everybody has gold but you, there is nothing easier, that join some family. By marriage. But beside the money, you'll also get an obligation to maintain family fortune. But why not to do that, when it's also your money?