Minima Architecto Minima architecto ut recusandae quia eos cum. Ea quibusdam playstation rerum hic eos qui rerum corporis. Rerum quia...
Not just today, but even more than two hundred years ago, people wanted to dress nicely. Today major fashion events are held on red carpet, back then there were balls. And one such can we visit, but first we need him to get all dressed in beauty!
Battle for goodies is gaining momentum. Garbage is full of food, that smell so good, that abandoned cat mouth starts to drool. But its guarded by an army of rats. It´s time to get rid of them..
There is enough goods on Cuba again. Ships are embarking to island coast to buy cheap tobacco and rum. They cant hen sell it profitable to customers all around the world. But their destiny behind horizon is no interest to you. You are a merchant. Welcome to Santiago de Cuba..