HEROICA is a world filled with adventure and danger. For a year, it seemed, that heroes succeeded in averting the biggest threats. But now, evil returns and is even stronger! Pick up your courage and enter a dark labyrinth of Ilrion cave to free the king!
Snow is still white and both armied look up to their generals, standing silently nearby. One move. That is all it takes and the battle will commence. And you are one of those generals. You must think, provide tactical guidance and win. There is no other way from the planet Hoth!
Phones on police station ring as it was a fire somewhere. Somebody robbed the jewelry shop. And another bank is right now under attack! Jump in the car and help policemen catch those intruders. Or would you prefer to be evel and run from the sirenes into some safe shelter? Choice is only yours, because in the game City Alarm, precisely these two sides stand against each other – policemen and bandits. Join the battle of good and evil!
Ninjas, ninjas, pay attention! Everybody, who has catanas in their drawers, or shurikens or nunchaks, you should listen carefully. There is an adventure waiting for you in a world of LEGO. And because the ninjas would not any under circumstances stand against each other, you will unite your strengths in a first cooperative LEGO game. Can you resist?