Every witch has to start its career somehow. Usually with some little kettle, alone and hated. But in case you are dreaming of a mixing potion career and someone offers you an apprentice spot in an old hag cabin, you should not hesitate and take it. One such position is free right now, but with many applicants, so you have to really try!
Its like, when you drop an eggshell into albumen. You feel like a fisherman, who is trying to fish it. Exactly this feeling is waiting for you, when you hunt for ingredients, that monsters have dropped into their pots full of toppings..
Maybe you would not believe that, but even children can have their own Sherlock Holmes. But it is not known, if have has also his Watson giving council. But he works quickly and solves all the mysteries, while you wait. Do you know his identity?
Animals never enjoyed to just lie around in their stable and peek on their visitors. Lounging does not seem natural to them. And therefore they invented entertainment and are photographing each other. But they have to borrow cameras from visitors like you. Be careful, do you know who has your camera?