Ghosts can be good or evil. The first ones will happily play with you, while the other will scare you at every chance. We all stand on side of good ones, but they need help. They are trapped inside a building with evil spirits. Will you help them escape?
Do you know the only one lake in Scotland, which has a water creature in it, that no one has ever seen? Yes, we are talking about lake Ness and the creature is Nessie. New board game from Polish company Grann will send you on a shore with camera in your pocket. You must wait adn pick your spots carefully. Only like that you can make the best pictures of this blinking and cheerful creature. Are you in?
Please enter a world of crabs, where only the biggest groups are meant to survive. Help all those four colored crab species to find their frineds and home. You will do this and much more in a game from polish company Granna. The game is called Kraby and it beautifully takes together logical reasoning and family entertainment.