Japan is on a brink of war. In a land of rising sun, east and west will clash in a tough and bloody fight for reunification of their country. You can be one of the generals, leading thousands of men into battle. To death, that carries with it a big mission. Only one can prevail..
F1 sport belongs on raceway. There is not doubt about it. But what if you take this racing posts and put them on the table, where they run on cards instead of petrol? Do you think it might be fun too? Take a look for yourselves in Formula Motor Racing..
Join us on our trip to distant Colombia. Land, where goverment has to lead a fight with three rebel armies. Atmosphere of jungle and drug plantations is expecting you. And no matter, which side will you choos, you can expect something really big!
Earth is getting warmer, your environment is changing and you are trying to adapt and be the best suitable candidates to continue evolution. Nobody wants to get extinct, no matter if it is by sword or distaff. And the same goes for animals. You can join their battles for survival with a slight advantage. Except a possible end of the world, there is not imminent danger threatening you personally from this new card game..