Scent is flowing across meadow and temptingly shivers everybody under their nose. Slight sore above each cup is telling you clearly to come closer. Meet Alice, The Hatter, Caterpillar and Cheshire Cat. Everyone is waiting for you by cup of tea in this new card game..
Laboratories are filled with colorful substances. Imagine, that some of them come to life and begin to run. Scientists are not the right people to hunt those tricky slime things down. So they call a hunter. You. And one Panic Lab needs you right away..
Pyramids are in Egypt and they are inmovable. At least it seems to be that way. But then man came and said: MOVE! And they moved. Bigger further than the little ones. And maybe this is how an idea of logic abstract game Gyges arose. You will jump with pyramids here in attempts to reach the furthest field possible from your point of view. Will you manage to plan jumps that well?
You can have a lot of fun with colored numbers. You can sort them in many combinations, sets or straights. And that is you task in new card game Yamy, which is our main concern today. Simple family game is bulit around great presentation and luxury metal box. Will it be enough?
Is it possible to make a logical abstract game out of towering simple pieces? Yes, you'll just pick up some pointy hats, colour them into six different shades and pack it all into some elegant box. If you simply love colours, towers or logical quickies, then you should continue reading...