Imagine a kingdom, where everything is called only by three letters. Children, all the cities and every item. It is strictly forbidden to speak or even think of words, that are longer than three characters. This is reason, why greeting UGO! became so famous!
Whenever you want to prepare some potion, you need the right ingredients, but also a proper metal kettle. Such one, which will hold up to fire and inscrutability of the liquid inside. Do you think you got one? Then you are ready to play Glastonbury!
Creatures need your help. They have to gather up in teams according to color and size, but they are confused. There is thirty of them, but only half of these twins can be in one team. And its up to you to decide, who belongs there and who does not. Pay close attention, because every monster has a twin looking completely different! Manno Monster is here to tangle up your head..
Do you have any idea, who can jump the furthest? Kangaroo! Have you wondered, who can float only using his pocket? Kangaroo! Are you aware about a stomp, which can drop all spectators on the ground? Who does it? Kangaroo! Welcome to regular kangaroo race and in case you are not a fan of one of our teams, never mind, you will soon become one!
Japan has a new supreme leader. Are you afraid? Don't be, its right man in his place. But even rulers like that need some reliable companions and servants. Fight for shoguns favor is beginning and everything is allowed - politics, bribery and geisha's skills.. Its only up to you, which path will you choose to reign entire Yedo..
Divoký západ byl plný začátků. Města se rozrůstala od prvního domu do dnešních velkoměst a všichni se společně museli bránit nájezdům divokých indiánů. V tomhle prostředí však přesto mohli lidé zbohatnout, pokud uměli postavit dům na správném místě. A co vy? Dokážete to?