Children of the whole world are calling for help. But even if you stop and stay perfectly still, you won’t hear their voices. Our way of life and desire for property outvoices their cry. There is something really wicked going on. What is it? Play Kimaloé and you will see..
There was a frog sitting on a water lily and sang Croaky anthem. You say frogs don’t sing? You are harshly mistaken, just as you think, they are only good in jumping. They rule their kingdom righteously as well. And tonight is the big day, when successor of throne will be decided. Welcome to the Pond..
Laboratories are filled with colorful substances. Imagine, that some of them come to life and begin to run. Scientists are not the right people to hunt those tricky slime things down. So they call a hunter. You. And one Panic Lab needs you right away..
Today, we will take a journey into one really old and creepy house. But it would not be righteous haunted house, if there would not hide something shiny behind those frightening monsters - in this case, there are shiny chests full of gold. Prepare your team of heroes and outsmart your enemies!