They say, something is hidden on Mars. Deep underground, there is a vibrant body of mysterious origin. Few people believe it and even smaller amount people are willing to sacrifice their money on a quest for a shadow of hope. You should become such pioneers!
Welcome to the Internet. Into a world of complete sharing of information and absolute lack of privacy. This world is ruled by social networks and it does not matter, how your site is called. They are all connected by one important thing – when you see something interesting, you like it with one mouse click.
What does cat with mouse, rabbit with wolf and hedgehog with frog have in common? One of them is a hungry predator, who eats the other one for breakfast, lunch and diner. Its a natural circle of life called food chain. The stronger prevails and you should be on the stronger side today in Om Nom Nom board game.
Who would have said, that leading an aircraft in the air and guiding it to land safely is easy, is really really wrong. There is more space in the sky, than in our crowded and always traffic jammed streets, but you also have less time for each decision. If you do not believe, then try job of air traffic controller in card game Air King..
Building houses is really tough work. Its hard toil filled with dust, bricks, concrete and mostly sweat. But what if we try to substitute these traditional materials and build proper house of flats from cards? Are you in? Chance to try it out is finally here. Start engines in your cranes, break up your piggybank and yippee to building site..