Among the stars, it is not just all about adventure. You can not sit there in your break on the girder and enjoy view with a hamburger in your hand. But the work there should be the same as elsewhere. We have found work up there, among the stars..
Cards have no legs. They are unable to run away, even when you start to play with them. They have to have fun and count with you. Sometimes, they enjoy themselves, other times no. For now, its hard to say, how would they feel, when you start playing Sloop.. Interested?
Animals never enjoyed to just lie around in their stable and peek on their visitors. Lounging does not seem natural to them. And therefore they invented entertainment and are photographing each other. But they have to borrow cameras from visitors like you. Be careful, do you know who has your camera?
You need bricks to build anything permanent. Carefully put one stone to the other, glue it all together and hope, it does not fall for hundred years. This joy of building is important. And it is all in Bloqs.