You need bricks to build anything permanent. Carefully put one stone to the other, glue it all together and hope, it does not fall for hundred years. This joy of building is important. And it is all in Bloqs.
Welcome to the arena. Four stone walls, chilly floor filled with dead bodies of previous warriors. Only one can come out of this duel victorious. But the mean, how you can accomplish it, are really different – servants, spells, incantations, but mostly ranged and melee attacks. Everything is allowed inside the arena. Let the doors be open for you by the new card-board game Mage Wars.
The farm is a place of joy for all the animals. We now have the chance to visit and play hide and seek with them. Critters are running around, hiding behind various obstacles and some are barely visible. Can you find them all?
Year 3012 is beyond our current comprehension. So its easily possible, that there will really be shark and bat man in that time. New species will evolve out of our current, final stadium. Apocalypse changes it all. Let’s come and look with us into distant future. Into a year 3012.
Join us on our trip to distant Colombia. Land, where goverment has to lead a fight with three rebel armies. Atmosphere of jungle and drug plantations is expecting you. And no matter, which side will you choos, you can expect something really big!
Have you got the guts? Can you pick your courage up and go on an adventure, which have nobody return from? You will get only a few greenhorns for starters. Their task will be to guard your back. But do not leave anything to chance! Enemy is hidden behind every corner and his teeth are really sharp!