Man on the Moon! Sensation came to life thanks to United States of America in 1969. We do not remember it for ourselves, but the more we gobble all those historical documents, skidding atmosphere among people at that time. Board game makes an unique option to live those moments again, from NASA scientists point of view. Starting at first steps in research and leading to footprint in dust of our eternal companion..
Earth has changed. Just a few rockets and good timing, that was enough to make humans lords of all creations. Animals have taken over control of our technologies and turned us into slaves. Alternative history of 1984 is here in board game, based on famous books of George Orwell.. Animal farm welcomes you into year 1984..
We usually remember best the last few minutes and hours. Then the information goes to a longterm memory, which is in many cases not quite reliable. Yet we still remember weeks on vacation. But what about a year! There is one, we most certainly remember. The year of 1989!
Year 3012 is beyond our current comprehension. So its easily possible, that there will really be shark and bat man in that time. New species will evolve out of our current, final stadium. Apocalypse changes it all. Let’s come and look with us into distant future. Into a year 3012.
Who would have said, that leading an aircraft in the air and guiding it to land safely is easy, is really really wrong. There is more space in the sky, than in our crowded and always traffic jammed streets, but you also have less time for each decision. If you do not believe, then try job of air traffic controller in card game Air King..