Some heroes prefer to spend their time in the pub, than being dragged in heavy armor with sword in hand to a cave. They like to say: I would rather live with a beer in hand, than lie on the floor as part of dragon cake. Try to live the lives of these fallen heroes for yourself.
Everybody thinks all heroes are good and nice. They help grannies to walk across the street, drive away boogemans and always share spoils with their colleagues. But fairytales lie to us, because heroes follow their wishes, just like others. And they react to gold coins clinking a little differently, than you would expect..
Welcome to crusaders paradise. They defeated all of their enemies and now they have noone to stand up to. That's enough reason, to start war with each other. Two newly born houses in neverending fight for power in Kingdoms of Crusaders..
Black box usually hides some secrets. And also this time, its no different, with dark packaging containing board game Black Box+. One of players has to create the secret. But for the second one, the black box will really exist. And its author lost the key. Are you ready to solve its mystery only using deduction?