Review: Zombies vs Cheerleaders – the power of dance


Zombies. Undead. Braineaters. These are dangers, mankind must deal with. Few people know, where they came from. And even fewer people suspect, that these decaying monsters have something to fear. When there is no brain, than you cannot eat it! Dances, chants and movements of cheerleaders are the right weapon!

Secret weapon of mankind has finally been revealed and all those chances for survival are decorated with leggy girls, who are finally able to pull out their deadly weapons. Permission came from , that created board game and revealed the whole secret. Game was released in the production of company and illustrated by a group of authors: , , Ander Sarabia, and Piero.

It offers all the fun inside a little box, that hides mostly cards. But it turns out, that trio of scantily clad girls will need nothing else to stand up against a group of grayish monsters. And because we will also take part in this, we must open the box and find rules and two help cards from thick paper. Box contains also a plastic bag of tokens (red come also with stickers), but mainly square cards with points of strength in their upper left corner and special skills on the bottom line together with energy.


At the beginning of the game, players choose a variant of difficulty according to their experience. Of course, we will choose for our review the most advanced with six columns of cards – all cards are used. Match will start by spreading zombie cards face down in columns and rows. Their places will not be decided randomly, but instead, it will be the task of zombie player to do so.

Each player will have three action points in his turn and will alternated in playing. Everything starts with the undead player, who may split points among three activities. Doing this, he can shift the whole undead group forward, if there is free space in front of them. Such zombies can move and thus will also be able to attack cheerleaders or barricade. To do this, creature uses strength printed in the upper left corner and damage inflicted reduce the energy of the target (tokens). For destroyed barricades, active player gets a one-time special action, that can be used as third action.

Each player will have three action points to spend in his turn and after they do, they pass to the second player. Everything starts with the undead player, who may split his points between three activities. This allows him to shift the whole line of undead forwards, if there is free space in front of them. All zombies can move and thus will also be able to attack cheerleaders or barricades during the game. To do this, they use strength printed in the upper left corner and reduce energy (tokens) of their target. Destroyed barricades provide the player with one-time special action, that can be used as his third option.


Second actor can choose from five events, but it still does not change the fact, that he may divide just the same three action points to do them. Cheerleaders can exchange positions, move barricades around and attack enemies. Human heroines must spend one energy token to do so and can attack any enemy in the same column,where they stand. To kill a zombie, strenght of a heroine must be higher. But undead enemies accumulate injuries. It is also possible to use special abilities, whether they bind to specific characters or acquired cards of removed undead.

Both sides of the barricade are fighting hard from the beginning to the moment, when one of the sides meets their conditions. For players on the side of humanity, there is only one chance to win: to destroy all the undead. Opponent tempted by the smell of brain may focus only one of cheerleaders and knock her out (by arriving on her position, when she is out of energy tokens).

Zombies vs Cheerleaders are asymmetrical card game for two players, just like in the Raptor game earlier this year. Game offers a very different experience for both roles, because human hero feels like in a game of Asteroids, while undead player is fighting for forward movement, searching for the most efficient ways.


Game sends two unlikely parties agains each other and this makes the box interesting at first glance. Both adversaries find themselves pounding from start to finish and do not give anything for free. The game is about pure conflict and without struggle, you will get nowhere.

And still, the game is strictly tactical, without any important luck. Additionally, the deployment of characters at the beginning of combat is always directed at their owners and therefore no luck does not enter the fight at that time, nor later. No dice are needed and all fights are completed only by comparing values. That makes this a fun and thoughtful duel. This is the moment, when you start to see, how energy tokens (used for the attacks, but also as lives of the characters) are important. It is therefore essential to properly conjugate the attack and execute it in the right column.

In the game’s wide range of characters on both sides, different statistics and skills are included. There are characters with gunfire from a distance, climbers of barricades or possibility of throwing Molotov cocktails and wounding several characters at once. Due to different cards obtained in the course of the game, you can gain even more ways to attack opponents. Players will gradually learn to use these and grow with the game gradually after a few matches.


Big guns of Zombies vs Cheerleaders game is speed, which can be set. Normally, it takes about twenty minutes and belongs to the category of relaxing fillers. This is understandable in the field of games for two players, where these games are often preferred over more challenging, when there is little time.

Due to differences in the distribution, each match is different, but mostly it is a thrilling duel from the beginning until the very end. The game is very well balanced and most of the battles will be very even until the end. But while it all should work on paper, the box does not offer anything extremely special. It’s fun, but there is nothing, that you would remember and make you reach for it every evening.


Yet Zombies vs Cheerleaders is a game, you will like to play from time to time. It won’t be some irresistable temptation, but its still fun to play. It offers a fresh topic, quick fun and all this for two players. So if you are always looking for a new ways to compete with a friend (or a partner), then this is one possibility. Decision will ultimately evolve arout, how you feel about the theme and how much fillers you already own. Zombies vs Cheerleaders could be great fun for the right audience.

DesignerRichard Toquet
ArtistMatt Hebb, Bill Maus, David Namisato, Pierô
PublisherMatagot, Asmodee
Year Published
# of Players2 - 2
User Suggested # of Players Best with 2 players
Recommended with players
(3 voters)
Playing Time30
Mfg Suggested Ages10 and up
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(1 voters)
CategoryCard Game, Comic Book / Strip, Horror, Zombies
MechanicAction Points
FamilyCreatures: Zombies, Players: Two Player Only Games, Series: Duo Collection (Matagot)
Primary NameZombies vs Cheerleaders

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Review: Zombies vs Cheerleaders – the power of dance
Final word
Zombies vs Cheerleaders is a box full of battles for two players, that has particularly interesting theme. Besides this, there is nothing new or memorable, but it can very well provide fun, if you're looking for something like this. The game is fast, easy to learn and always a lot different, because of secret preparation on both sides. Zombies vs Cheerleaders has no luck, which might appeal to someone. It works as fine entertainment.
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original topic
very variable
no luck
playing time
simple rules
game is not that memorable
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