Review: Ziemlich Zügig – something about trains


At the beginning, there was only a locomotive. It stood alone on the rails and no one cared about it. But then the passengers started coming. And the more people are standing on the platform, the clearer it is, that we will need lots of wagons. But who will connect them together?

Well players do! At least those, who are interested in a new game by labeled (Fairly Fast in English) by and . The illustration was made by and the whole result was published in .

It is a small yellow box with a small train bouncing on its lid. Inside, there is a flood of cardboard components, one curved meter in the form of a rail and a set of four wooden locomotives. But beneath all this, there is a game board, which players place in the center of the table. On each of the eight positions, where the track ends, is equipped by a random set of six tiles, so that only the top is visible. Participants each choose their piece and place their machines next to one side of the board. They will also receive a locomotive plate of the same color.


All participants will alternate in the game on a turn, in which they must move their locomotive from one edge of the plan to the other, gradually in a clockwise direction. The plan is divided by rails, and each side is therefore connected to three tile piles. From them, the player can choose on his turn.

Players can therefore receive not only passengers, which they place in front of themselves in a line. Especially wagons are waiting for them among those tiles. But it is not always possible to connect such a cart directly in the player’s set. Each type has a number of dots, which is the minimum amount, in which wagon of the same color can be added in train.


Likewise, a player can also get action tiles (with a little luck in a shuffled stack), which he can then use at any moment of his turn to gain some advantage, especially other actions. The game ends, when at least two stacks providing a platelet supply are emptied. Now, the final clearing can begin, with cars previously acquired for assembling sets playing the lead role. To do this, the bonus pieces for the passengers‘ tokens will add some more carts. At the end, the overall length of the car is decided with the meter. The winner is the one, who has the longest train.

Ziemlich Zügig is a game, that is purely about collecting sets. Players always have a choice of three tiles, but some are more suitable for them, than others. Connecting difficulty is always a little different and depends on the number of dots on the wagon plate. Sometimes, the risk (ie picking up a piece with more dots) can be turned into a significant profit. More plates of the same type will eventually bring the owner a longer length, than a single plate, that he might otherwise be content with.


Because wagon tiles are openly visible, participants can think well in advance about what is best for them. But in the end, it is only about the length of the train and nothing more. Players also need a good deal of fortune to buy a new card. In the case of multi-piece sets, however, coincidence plays a role mainly in whether or not a wagon appears and when.

The game is really accessible for the youngest children, because it requires only counting to four. With the length of the whole train at the end of the fight, a twisted meter will help them. So children can use this news very well as a number training. However, the game is quite interesting and entertaining in general, it is not only mechanical connecting of the plates. Small rivals have to choose well and always have something to do.


It is clear, that in more opponents, the pieces will not last so long. But even so, the ratio and feeling of influencing one’s own victory chances remains solid regardless of number. There are only six pieces in each stack, so emptying two of them is fast. The game will easily find the winner in fifteen minutes.

Ziemlich Zügig is a simple game for kids, in which they will have to count a little, but above all, they need to compose the right wagon sets. Only then can they unload them on the table and thus connect to the locomotive. Everything is simple, fast and accessible for preschoolers. Ziemlich Zügig makes children happy.

DesignerMartino Chiacchiera, Remo Conzadori
ArtistRené Amthor
PublisherHABA, Swan Panasia Co., Ltd.
Year Published2018
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with players
(1 voters)
Playing Time10
Mfg Suggested Ages5 and up
User Suggested Ages5 and up
(1 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
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CategoryChildren's Game, Trains
MechanicPush Your Luck, Set Collection
FamilySeries: Mitbringspiele S (HABA)
Primary NameFairly Fast
Alternate NamesA toda máquina, A toute vapeur!, In sneltreinvaart, Veloce come un treno, Ziemlich Zügig, 火車快飛

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Ziemlich Zügig – something about trains
Final word
Ziemlich Zügig offers fun for the very youngest, who may not even be able to count. All they have to do, is collect the wagon plates correctly and it will come on its own. The game teaches the numbers in a non-violent way, but it is especially fun and fast. Ziemlich Zügig is one of the great games for preschoolers.
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already for preschoolers
collecting tile sets
on each turn, select from a different menu
control and chance
coincidence (but this is not a problem for games for such small children)
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