Review: Whoosh – cuteness as a weapon


No one wants to work anymore. Everyone would just like to cuddle in the arms of cute monsters. They came to us with big smile on their faces and they looked very kind. But behind this expression lies a devilish plan. Lighten all of us into lethargy, let us fall asleep and then take over our kingdom. They can never get out with it? That’s what I thought as well, but now I’m not sure anymore. I turn to you – help us!

Each hunter received such a letter, along with a statement of rewards for anyone, who brings the head of some cute creature back to the castle. All letters are hidden inside a box called , and signed by , who created Whoosh game. This is a new game introduced at the Spiel in Essen and you could find logo of on it. Now it’s sold out, but the reprint is planned very soon.

On the lid of the small box, we see a cute monster, that will instantly tell you, what dangers innocent faces can pose. Inside the small box, you will find two card decks – thirty-six monsters, each with a value in the upper left corner. Below, each monster has several weapon symbols, that are needed to defeat it.


However, some of them are only suitable for multiplayer games, as indicated by the number in the lower-right corner. Those, that can be used in actual player count are shuffled and placed on the table in three (approximately) equal piles. From each of them, players draw top card from each pile and therefore reveal three cards grouped in the middle of the table as the actual booty. The second set of cards consists of more than a hundred weapons and spells, all of which serve to attack and capture creatures. These cards are simply shuffled and divided between all players (even now,its not necessary to count for all players to have same number of cards).

Each round is a hunt for three monsters. One by one the player turn upper card as their current weapon from their deck and gradually alternate, revealing one weapon after another. But even if its not player’s turn, he has to watch closely actions at the table, because revealed symbols of weapons play a crucial role. If turn arrives back to player who has already lined up one card, he places a new one next to it, so that all uncovered available combat tools icons are visible.

As soon as one player notices, that all the necessary weapon symbols to capture any one of monsters in the middle are on the table, he must put his hand on that creature card as quickly as possible. This is the attempt to catch the monster itself. If the others do not find a mistake and all the symbols are really there, then player succeeds and gets trophy in the shape of that monster card. He puts it in front of him. A new monster is revealed to the center of the table, replenishing the choice back to three, while the cards of all the weapons are returned to their owners‘ packages.


Game ends, when one of the piles of monsters gets completely exhausted and it is no longer possible to refill the offer at the center of the table. Now players add up value of their captured monsters and subtract negative points. Player can receive a minus point, when he goes hunting and all the necessary weapons are not yet available. The player still takes the monster card but places it picture side down. It does not bring any points, but instead subracts one. The opponent who has the most points at the end will become the winner.

Whoosh seems to be more interesting, than it in reality is. This is because there is nothing new about the process and fast game time, just beautiful images. It is a reaction game, in which players try to be the fastest in revealing a combination of weapons.

Fortunately, however, it is not as easy to carry out final judgment, as it looks based on very first impressions. This is because there are three cards of prey in the middle. And watching more combinations of weapons already creates much more tension and room for error or hesitation. As a result, players do not need as much immediate response as a quick eye and analysis of the situation.


All cards in weapon pile do not work classically. There are magic wand as jokers or broken weapons, that do not count towards the needed minimum. And that’s even more symbolic. The basis of everything, however, are basic six symbols that need to be matched optically with the cards in the middle.

From focus on the speed of reaction it is clear that match will be really fast. And that’s true, because each game is a pleasant relaxation for around fifteen minutes. The number of monster decks does not differ, only the piles can be taller with more players. However, because there is always a combination of cards of all those involved, it does not matter, what you specifically have in front of you.

Difficulty does not differ according to the number of players. This is because the number of cards to be tracked remains the same. They can only lie in front of more or fewer players. But the effect on the course itself is none any but much greater pressure on speed.


The whole game would not have been so great if it was not for its beautiful illustrations. The monsters are really adorable and simply tempt the children to peek inside the box. And it’s true that Whoosh is a great game for kids.

Whoosh gives players so many cards to concentrate on at the same time, that it is not easy to be the fastest at all times. While in other similar games, someone from all participants is obviously the best and wins most rounds, here the differences are not so significant. Whoosh is a very entertaining and beautiful card relaxation.

DesignerTheo K. Mavraganis
ArtistTomasz Larek
PublisherArclight Games, Artipia Games, Divercentro, Flick Game Studio, FoxGames, funbot, Funnyfox, GaGa Games, Gém Klub Kft., Pavana Games, Stronghold Games
Year Published2017
# of Players2 - 8
User Suggested # of Players Best with 8 players
Recommended with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 players
(7 voters)
Playing Time10
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
User Suggested Ages6 and up
(7 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(3 voters)
CategoryAction / Dexterity, Card Game, Fantasy, Party Game, Real-time
MechanicPattern Recognition
ExpansionArtipia Games: The Promo Pack, Whoosh: Bounty Hunters – Kickstarter Promo Card
Primary NameWhoosh: Bounty Hunters
Alternate NamesMonster Rush, Pogromcy potworów, Szörnymóka, Whoosh: Caçadores de Prémios, Whoosh: Cazarrecompensas, Whoosh_ Die Monsterschnapper, Чудища, ウーシュ!!

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Whoosh – cuteness as a weapon
Final word
Whoosh is a game that is dominated by magnificent illustrations. It is a pleasure to look at. And you will need to concentrate on the cards, even if you do not want to. That's because among the weapon cards, you'll be looking for a set of symbols needed to defeat one of the unveiled monsters. There is always more of them to capture, which makes it a rather difficult task for all participants. Whoosh is a child or family game. At ten minutes, you fatigue will go „whoosh“.
Reader Rating0 Votes
gorgeous illustrations
more cards to watch for at the same time
suitable for all recommended (2-8) player counts
fast matches
nothing new at all
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