Review: Where is the Spook hiding?


Really. I once thought, that I should be afraid of ghosts. They are hiding under the bed, behind the curtain, and once even behind my father’s chair. But then I saw them once playing catch-up. Well, I did not believe my eyes, when I was invited as they have noticed me. Since then, we play catch-up every day, but none of the adults would not believe it.

Even if you try to show some colored ghost to a grown-up, they will be hidden from their eyes and look just like part of the furniture. Adults lack fantasy. Must will see it as a table leg or draped sweater. Only to eyes of children reveal box called  (Wo sich das Gespenst versteckt?), published by company of Vilnius. Game itself was invented by and he also illustrated. It all happened in .

Today, we will play catch-up with a small yellow box, that surprisingly found its way to our table. And so, we can see what kind of ghosts are hiding inside. Two can be seen peeping out through the lid – one green with a trunk and second blue with two teeth. Box itself in addition to four-page manual is hiding 32 cards and that’s it. Creatures of different colors and shapes are on them and they also match furniture pieces in the same color, so they are able to hide.


All cards must be shuffled before the game properly and finished package is placed on the table. But top card enters into the rivalry revealed. After that comes first player, who draws the top card from the pile, he does not show it to anyone and looks at it. If he does not have second card of that color, he has to draw again until he finally finds a suitable object (or ghost) to hide behind. Once he succeeds, he can place new card on top of original one lying in discard pile.

A successive player now has the task of finding right combination for this new top card, which was played by an opponent before him. In subsequent rounds, players may also place new cards on the table not only from the deck, but also use a card in their hands from previous rounds.

So are players gradually working their way through the package until supplies run out. It is now the task of all, to get rid of all the cards, that remained in their hands as soon as possible. Whoever succeeds first is winner of the game.


Where is the Spook hiding? is a perfect little game for young players. And believe us, it is not a problem to convince kids to play it. And even though it is actually a purely random fun. Order of cards depends on luck, so players do not have any opportunity to influence anything. But sense of control is provided by cards in hand and moreover, children do not need this to enjoy themselves.

Rules are very simple and are based on color matching. Therefore, it is possible to introduce this game already to three years old children. While cards may be damaged, they are made of thicker paper. Bending them is still not a problem. And any marks on the cards spoils the game for the future, because it will be easier to play against an opponent, when you know, what cards is he holding in his hands.

The game is of course very fast. Thirty-two cards go away quickly and combining them is no problem. For children, this has a playing time of about ten to fifteen minutes, which is ideal. So again, game is gaining only plus points.


It is clear from the preceding paragraphs, that the game is not exactly a toy for adults. But they can play as well, because they will not gain any advantage over the children due to randomness. Although, they will never fully appreciate the game, because they will anticipate mayble a little more. And despite the fact, that there are two variants – simpler requires only the same color and players should not mind, if it’s another spirit or object. In the challenging version, then also a pair is needed – object and creature.

Game has a beautifully colorful and cheerful processing. Monsters are indeed simple, but attractive and with lots of limbs. Some have more eyes, others unexpected numbers of fingers. And children like this kind of things.

Where is the Spook hiding? is game for children and all presentation and content of the box corresponds to it. But it certainly not a negative message. Thanks to the beautiful illustrations and smooth (fast) gameplay Where is the Spook hiding? can be pretty fun with kids.

Review: Where is the Spook hiding?
Final word
Where is the Spook hiding? game is clearly aimed at younger audience and already since three years up. Even small children can therefore engage and be entertained. Game looks very nice and is very simple. Two versions count with different skill level of small players, but graduation is only moderate. Game is essentially very simple and completely dependent on luck. Where is the Spook hiding? is still a nice card game for little ones. There is not many card games for young players like this.
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nice illustrations
two versions by age
simple game
uses only colors
three years up
purely luck
not very fun for adults
small children are in risk of damaging cards
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