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Sometimes, neither sight nor hearing or smell is enough. To get out of the maze, that the wicked witch Sinna has prepared for you, you will need them all. Even taste! For every twist, a new test or bait can be expected to leave you in search of a needle in a haystack. An exit!

All of our senses will be under attack of the board game (), which was prepared for the players by company. This birth is work of a team of inventors of children’s games, whose particular names we look for in vain. So we have to be satisfied with HABA Children’s Inventors as designer. This is an interesting new addition, which decorated with illustrations, and the whole box was published in .

A large yellow box will present all the possible senses with help of four animals, each one adding to another. And inside the package, there is an interesting set of components, that all start with a large round gaming board. But it does not need to be unfolded, it fits into the bottom of the box as it is. A test boards will be prepared around it. Use only those, that have a green border are part of this basic variant. On one random of them then players put the Sipokoo figure.


Each player chooses his pet’s figure and gets a corresponding plaque. Next to the board, they have to prepare a supply of all other components – two card decks (yellow and purple). One big cloth bag needs to be filled with wooden animal figures, while the remaining small red bags each waits for a balls (these are glass and cork). They also have to prepare cardboard feathers, a bell and a die.

The players will rotate in the game in clockwise direction. As soon as someone gets to turn, they take a die and roll it. Depending on the number of the resulting dots, he moves the figure of the magic wise owl in the direction he chooses. Sipokoo plate will determine the task for the active player.


There is a total of six different choices to test players from different angles. Challenges can be solo, for two, but also for everyone. And so the players will have to react fastest in comparing wooden animal with its silhouette on the card, search for the animal in the bag according to their feel, identify the sounds given by one of the opponents, find the source of ringing the bells (one of the players holding it behind their backs) or find set of two packages that are equally heavy.


All opponents are trying to succeed in accomplishing these tasks and receive feather tokens. Players then continue with another roll of dice and a new challenge until one of the participants is able to get fifth feather. This player is the winner.


Even so, Welt der Sinne looks great, but where is the promised flavor and smell senses? Here come two other color tile variants into play – yellow and red. But they require parents‘ help, because children will use food, liquids, or various materials brought from the house to play with them. Most of these game elements should be placed on saucers. Players will often have to close their eyes (or cover them with a scarf) and guess, what smell, taste or surface is it (for example a conch).


Sometimes, they have the task of recognizing the scent, sometimes finding the correct one, that the teammates have removed from the group. Besides the very main theme, memory is also coming into play. In addition, in these new variants, wooden figures are introduced into the game and children have the task of memorizing them. But the creators had a very lush imagination in the making of tasks. So, for example, teammates will draw on their backs, identify hot or cold water and other funny ideas.


Game lets the children themselves kick in with their imagination and determine what materials or other elements they want to play with. This makes it easier for the rivals to compete with something they like to eat or know the scent. Everything is mainly in the interest of their development, because the children train all their senses. And that’s good, because we really need all five sense, not just the three basic ones, which are the most striking. The box can also serve as an inspiration for further variants. Creative ideas are unbound here.

The matches are very fast. This can be a very well-chosen task, that children engage in and constantly forces them to pay attention. Players do not have the chance to lose some attention. Moreover, the content itself is so interesting and fun, that children tend to constantly watch, what their opponents are doing.


And it’s all that simple. In the background, there is the classic mechanism of the various tasks, that need to be fulfilled gradually. But just choose them well, add some value, and suddenly you have an extraordinary childhood game. Of course, it can also be precise processing.

There is never enough impulses for the senses and Welt der Sinne is the ultimate box to test all five of them. It gives children the opportunity to really compare their abilities to recognize flavors and aromas. It does not offer almost any other board game. And as a set of games, Welt der Sinne works fantastically. Fun form of the smallest players from four years of age up will open the world of all senses and its charm to them.

ArtistEmily Fox
Year Published2017
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with 1 players
(1 voters)
Playing Time30
Mfg Suggested Ages4 and up
User Suggested Ages4 and up
(1 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
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CategoryAnimals, Children's Game, Educational
MechanicCooperative Game, Dice Rolling, Memory, Set Collection, Team-Based Game
FamilySeries: Planet der Sinne (HABA), Theme: Anthropomorphic Animals
Primary NameWelt der Sinne: Hören, Sehen, Schmecken, Riechen, Fühlen
Alternate NamesIl mondo dei sensi: udito, vista, gusto, olfatto e tatto, El mundo de los sentidos: Vista, olfato, oído, gusto, tacto, Planète des sens: Voir, goûter, sentir, écouter, toucher, Sensory World: hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, feeling, Wereld van de Zintuigen: Horen, zien, proeven, ruiken, voelen

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Review: Welt der Sinne – all five senses
Final word
Welt der Sinne is a game, that empowers children with senses and, above all, allows them to explore their complete set of five world perceivers. In doing so, it remains primarily a game, in which children are try to win. Matches are fast, tasks smart, and if you still do not have enough, you can come up with your own. Overall, Welt der Sinne is a playful set of sensory perceptions.
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all five senses
smart tasks
freedom to create your own
children define themselves what they will know (or parents do it for them)
fast bets
different variants
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