Review: Villains of the Multiverse – heroes are not everything


It’s the dawn of the villains. Castle of heroes is shaking under the pressure of constantly new warriors looking for the destruction of the world. Everyone would want to do it a little differently, but they will eventually join forces. And that’s exactly, what we were afraid of.

Heroes need help. There is no doubt about it. They did not bring anyone new, although threats are increasing. End of the world is coming in this new box from comic world of Sentinels, called . This is again the work of the trio Badell, Rebottaro and Bender, which was released in under the flag of company.

This game builds on the Vengeance expansion, specifically on the idea of a villain team. Players will not stand against one, but a group of enemies, who are working together. They’re trying to destroy everything heroes are doing. Even so, the gameplay remains the same. Each player has one hero under his control and his own deck of cards, that are gradually drawn into his hand. With the help of abilities, they can attack enemy, who will receive a retaliatory chance after each one of the participants have their own go. Individual matches are set in a particular environment. The heart are lost on both sides, and side, which first exhausts the supply of their power is defeated.


And there are plenty of cards waiting for players, and a total of ten new bad guys among them! They are already divided into three levels according to their difficulty. But the rookies are not just newcomers. Also the old acquaintances are returning, only stronger, more determined and more dangerous.

Big claws, such as Bugbear or the indestructible Arsenal Sergeant Steele, may come to play. With the Plague Rat creature, we will recall ourselves the older boxes. Much interesting is a character called Misinformation, which goes into the market with some other abilities. He gives his opponents new, psychic injuries.

But the basis of everything are not abilities of the individual enemies. Their combos are important, which make them stronger. And not just each other within this expansion, but also with regard to older boxes. Maybe the Bugbear is waiting for Ra to help him and reduce the damage caused by the fire.


More villains are simply a good news for players looking for a bigger challenge. Only players, who would like to have more heroes at their disposal, or even a chance to play for the side of evil, may be disappointed by the box (this could make the name of the box somewhat misleading).

With new mechanisms and interconnection of bad guys, however, there is also a significant increase in cards and tokens manipulation. This is perhaps the only real scratch on an otherwise excellent and blunt expansion. Of course, the overall impression does not spoil the graphics, that perfectly matches the comic tuning. The box is a little unnecessarily big, and there will be space for several other extensions in it.


Villains of the Multiverse, however, despite these minor criticisms (which are largely irrelevant to the fans of the series), are an excellent extension. Players will be delighted with new challenges and ways to fight for the fate of the world. New characters can be combined in any way with older boxes, creating teams of villains or stand any heroes from older boxes against them.

DesignerChristopher Badell, Paul Bender, Adam Rebottaro
ArtistAdam Rebottaro
PublisherGreater Than Games, LLC
Year Published2015
# of Players2 - 5
Playing Time60
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
User Suggested Ages8 and up
(1 voters)
Language DependenceExtensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be playable
(2 voters)
CategoryExpansion for Base-game, Card Game, Comic Book / Strip, Fighting
MechanicCooperative Game, Hand Management, Variable Player Powers
ExpansionSentinels of the Multiverse
FamilyGame: Sentinel, Theme: Superheroes
Primary Name: Villains of the Multiverse

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Review: Villains of the Multiverse – heroes are not everything
Final word
Villains of the Multiverse is an extension, that again increases the number of cards in the Superhero Universe. And that's enough! More content is exactly, what players want. The matches are more difficult, the villains co-operate as a team and are supported, and there is a lot to choose from. It is this richness of new challenges, that is the main reason, why all Sentinels fans will have Villains of the Multivers in their collection as a new trophy.
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ten new bad guys
their cooperation
three levels of bad guys
team of enemies
multiple manipulations
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