Review: Unstable Unicorns – expansions NFSW and Dragons almost without horns


It seemed, that the unicorns would disappear. There were only a few specimens in the world. But evolution has found out, that these creatures with the rainbow color of blood are the best step among all the inhabitants of our planet. And so suddenly, horns started to grow even on people’s heads and even with one corner were sighted.

It is this surprising development, that was made at company, which releases the original card game. Thanks to its tremendous success, it has quickly gathered interest for two new small expansion boxes, which we will now introduce. Behind their creation is designer . The boxes are named Dragons and and its distributed by .

Both are really small boxes, that always contain a separate set of 54 cards. Among them are first and foremost new additions to unicorn line of different looks – more or less crazy. But not only the creatures of the horns can be heading for victory. Additional action cards are coming into the game.


Unstable Unicorns is a game, in which all participants first get one of their baby unicorns, and they are gradually trying to play cards to expand their stables. It is possible to gather not only more babies, they start with, but also basic and advanced unicorns. The most powerful even bring with them some abilities, that improve the player’s overall situation and give him a great advantage. Actions allow unicorns to steal, slaughter, or otherwise devalue opponents. But ultimately, the goal is always simple – to raise a large enough herd sooner, than opponent.

So what improvements do new cards bring, that we do not have in the basic box? First, we’ll focus on expansion with dragons. Unicorns, who spit fire from their mouths are very well graphically processed. After all, it was fantasy of creators, that belonged to highlights of the first box. Dragons are even more aggressive – they allow their rival unicorns to be eliminated when entering or leaving the stables. This is evident, for example, on the Dragon’s Breath card, which can be linked to any unicorn as improvement. Such ability will instantly destroy another unicorn.


But there are also classic dragon kitties among cards, that allow you to search for other buddies in deck. You will enjoy a dragon kiss, thanks to which you can even look for a magic card in the discard pile. These are generally very strong and you know them by the star in the upper left corner. Other cards can cancel out the influence of improvements (dragon’s blessings) or, on the contrary, the force player at the beginning of each stroke to discard one card from his hand. Even unicorn babies can be replaced by their new dragon counterparts.

One of the most intriguing elements of the gameplay of the original Unicorns is the Neigh card, which allows the player to simply react to the opponent’s attack and reject it. This time there is a card called „Neigh, foul Beast,“ but in addition to the illustration, it does not differ from its older version.


Overall, the dragon extensions is fine. It puts even more emphasis on the attack on the opponent, which is definitely welcome. That’s what the best about Unstable Unicorns. At the same time, however, you also have to think that the more attacks you do, the more the major problem will emerge – an unimaginable length, that can be significantly stretched. It happens sometimes and other times it does not.

But where the Dragons expansion is still quite common, there’s a second box with the name NSFW. This is an abbreviation of the Internet dictionary, which means Not Safe For Work. But compared to the initial impression, it is used as referral to videos and contributions, that include nudity and general themes from eighteen years up. Besides, we see a clear age recommendation of 21+ on the box itself.


Well, and that’s exact, because the cards are really good for adults. And so you will offer the candy to other unicorns and lure them to your stable, adopt a unicorn without a girlfriend (single unicorn). But the theme is drugs or party with everything, that belongs to it. The Neigh Card this time replaces the new Neigh Bitch, but the effect does not change again.

So what are the new effects of these cards? Of course, they work together again, and maybe Dirty Mind lets you find another card from this expansion and add it to your hand. But there is also a Safe Sex, that forces all players to return the unicorn child back to the offer. You will also be affected by the number of cards in your hand. Voyeurs will be pleased with the Naked Narval, which lures one player’s unicorn from the opponent.


But the effects are basically the same as in the first expansion box, only those attacks here are not as many as dragons allow. But the NSFW box contains two more cards, that add new game options – rules for drinking or undressing, which may be the decisive element to buy for some people.

Otherwise, graphics is again the greatest weapon. The card is full of jokes and colors. This makes the game look great again. Expansion boxes are glued, so they can not survive much, but fortunately new cards can fit with the original ones into one basic box. Here, it is to be appreciated, that the authors thought about this fact.


Unstable Unicorns, thanks to their cute drawings, could look like a family fun in the basic version. But be careful, however, that you do not buy NSFW expansion in this case, which makes it a totally inaccessible game for youngsters. Luckily, Dragon expansion is again, what makes the game shine even, if you do not want to blush, when playing. Unstable Unicorns once again confirmed, that they are a superb party entertainment.

Review: Unstable Unicorns – expansions NFSW and Dragons almost without horns
Final word
Expansions for Unstable Unicorns with the names Dragons and NSFW do not actually bring anything new at first glance. All the mechanisms remain the same as in the original box. There are only some card skills, that give players more opportunities to attack. Its mostly about graphics and jokes. In addition, one of the new boxes is for adults only. Both innovations have excellent illustrations. Dragons and NSFW are expanding the Unstable Unicorns game just a little bit, because they do not bring anything new but offer card better variability, when shuffled with base game.
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extension for adults
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jokes everywhere
no changes to gameplay
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