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The world has to be colored. Everybody says its true, so why do I find just two colors around me? I told my friends and they are telling me stories about red, green, yellow and blue, but I do not recognize them. Then, from nothing, they begin to emerge. First, only in the names and then in all their beauty. How could I have been blind for so long?

All the colors of the world are present only for us in new narrative game called . Wlad is the author and game is part of Top Game series (Top Dance and Top Face belong there). All were released by and . Today we will be dedicating our review to fairy tale version, which got its final looks from ’s illustrations based on Igor Polouchin’s drawings.

A small square box is covered with fantastic illustrations that provide a taste of crazy things we can expect inside. There are only two decks of sixty cards – one with a blue back and a second purple, having different sizes.


Each card of first package also has one of four different symbols on the reverse – hand, note, bubble or sculpture. But the cards are not identical even on the front. Blue deck is taken by the players and they randomly spread its contents on the desk with illustrations facing up. This purple card (smaller size) is only shuffled and placed in the center of the table into a stack. Previously, however, sorting out number of backgrounds on the cards can reduce the difficulty (fewer cards to choose from).

Starting player takes the top card from the purple package to himself. Only he can look at the picture. But before he does anything, his attention will also be focused to new top card showing one of the four icons. This information is vitielous at the moment. It is this picture that determines the activity that a player is going to take.

With the help of fingers, words, frozen poses or melodies, active player tries to describe this card to others. Each card fits into one of four different environments – house, desert, forest or sky, and beginners can use this background to help them out. This can provide hits, so other players have a chance to guess it, if they are inexperienced.


Everyone but active player tries to identify a card on the table that suits the pose, symbol or humming the best. Individual participants try to put their finger on one of the cards as quickly as possible, when they got an answer they think is right. If someone was the fastest and correct at the same time, he can take possession of the card. A player who has successfully described his card will also be rewarded. On the contrary, he keeps the purple card he held until now in his hand.

The next player in turn will become an active presenter, takes a new card from the purple package, and then characterizes his item according to the following card symbol. Players play as narrators and detectives until one of them gets ninth card. This player immediately becomes the winner.

Top Fantasy is a game that continues with the established trend of party games. And again, here is the repeating theme of performing concepts. This time, however, fantasy illustrations themselves again require good dose of invention (just like in Dixit).


Moreover, the ways players describe shown pictures are very original. First finger symbol indicates that players can not use words or drawings, just their fingers. They can create a shadow or move their hands freely so that others can tell, what they are trying to describe. In any case, they can not create letters.

The closest to other games is probably chatting. Here, an active player simply describes in his own words and others can guess during that time. And only the fastest one gets the chance to really compare his tip to reality. In the case of two similarly quick reactions, in which the players match the card, finger position decides about the winner. The one closer to the center of the card gets it. Another way to describe the card is by making sounds or melody. This is perhaps the most difficult way to describe images.

Wrong answer is not penalized in any way. Sufficient punishment for players is that they do not win any new card while one of the opponents does. And scoring is also reason, why this card game is only suitable for three opponents. In two, point awards would not make sense. But the match can invite more opponents up to eight players. The more of them sit at the table, the more crazy and thrilling the fun is. However, with a larger number of players, the game is also longer, so it is advisable to reduce the number of goal cards.


Statue symbol is not the same as a pantomime. The player describing card must hold one position and do not change it. And it’s often not easy to think of a right way to describe the card with one gesture / pose. Unfortunately, at the same time, it means that if someone develops a good position, then you will probably use the same description, when the situation happens again in the following matches. That’s because the chances for such a guess are bigger and hence the chances of gaining a point for the narrator.

Fortunately, sixty cards are enough to guarantee at least some variability. The chances of repeating task are much smaller. Even the same image can come up in combination with four different ways of describing it. You’ll usually go through half of the pack in one match. And whole deck looks really beautiful, individual illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and full of crazy ideas.


Top Fantasy is a party card game in which players describe images to make others identify them quickly. But the descriptions done in this game are very original, which, along with beautiful illustrations, makes this game a very interesting option. But you have to count with lively style of entertainment that is not entirely for everyone. Top Fantasy will provide fun to everyone who likes to laugh in card games.

DesignerWlad Watine
ArtistAnthony Wolff
PublisherBuzzy Games, Gemblo, Inc.
Year Published
# of Players3 - 8
Playing Time15
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
User Suggested Ages6 and up
(1 voters)
Primary NameTop Fantasy
Alternate Names탑 판타지

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

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