Review: Tata-Tatu – firemen are here!


Every fire truck has a bit of its own sound. From a distance, they all sound the same, and their sound brings chill in the bones at the thought of what that means. But when you know the car well, you discover minor tones and sound glitches, that differentiates it from its brothers. Well, listen next time and see for yourself!

All those, who pick up the yellow box called Tata-Tatu will be listening to the hoot, which was prepared for the market by company. This is a game from Germany from designer , created in . On its cover, we see one pretty fire truck. Inside, players find cardboard cars with a hole for wooden lighthouse, cards with various color pictures and of course some tokens (wood and cardboard).

Every playing firefighter takes one car, a blue wooden bollard, five firefighter tokens and one piece from each card (hydrant, fire site and station). Remaining cards of slow burning are to be shuffled and spread in the middle of the table into four piles. Intervention cards create a separate deck somewhere near.


At the beginning of each round, player reveals card of the actual intervention. All participants spread their three cards creating the site according to its instructions and place also their fire truck to its position. It already should have wooden beacon attached at designated place. All five firefighters always start round on the station card. Then one player shouts „Fire!“ and turns latecomer card and all players at the same time set out to action.

Each player controls his fire truck. But he first has to board the correct three out of five firefighters. Two othera are pictured on the latecomer card and simply did not make it before the departure. Only then can player move a car across the table using only one finger and try to arrive with his team on a place with flames. Fire truck must stop exactly between hydrant and fire site to be effective.


If someone manages to do this, he cries „extinguished“ and slaps his hand on the table. Other check, if he did not make any mistakes: lost his firefighters along the way or arrive to fire with bad characters. If everything was properly finished, then player gets a card of latecomers as his reward and next round starts. When last fire from the pile has been blown away, the game ends and player with the most cards wins title of best firefighter.

Tata-Tatu! is an excellent children’s game for all young firefighters. This is great news, because which children (especially boys) would not want to become one of them, when they grow up. And every one of them will be blown away by this game, because it really will drive the syringe!

Maneuvering with car takes a lot of skill and care. A player must not lose any of his team members along the way. It is still simple basic version, but next page of rules advises, how to make tasks more difficult, if it seems too simple. Just place the firefighter tokens in a pile on the truck and their tendency to fall is suddenly much greater. Thanks to these levels, it is perfectly possible to grade difficulty based on player capabilities. Therefore, children can easily compete against adults and not have major advantage among their children.


Individual rounds are beautifully fast, but they differ from each other with firemen, who are not coming. Players must be very careful here, because they can rush to jump on the car with bad figures and their success will be invalid. Layout cards with fire locations are reversible and offer different levels of difficulty.

Rivalry does not need anything other, than clever fingers. Therefore, extinguishing can be attended already by preschoolers and will play amazingly well. The game has great course and it is sufficiently interesting even with repeated playing. Match does not last very long, and thanks to that, it really becomes an excellent candidate for entertainment for every little firefighter.


Tatu-Tata is the game, that made us very happy. In the base of it all is great idea of moving the cardboard plate gently, so that the players did not lose their passengers. At the same time they must maneuver well. Tatu-Tata’s rules are simple enough to be the ideal choice for every kid, who wants to become a firefighter.

DesignerReinhard Staupe
Year Published2016
# of Players2 - 4
Playing Time15
Mfg Suggested Ages5 and up
CategoryChildren's Game, Real-time
Primary NameFire! Fire! Fire Fighters!
Alternate NamesPin-pon, Voilà les Pompiers!, Ta-tu, Ta-Tu, Daar Komt de Brandweer!, , die Feuerwehr ist da!

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Tata-Tatu – firemen are here!
Final word
Tatu-Tata is another children game, that we really enjoyed playing by ourselves. It is merely about shifting cardboard cars, which needs to be carefully parked in front of the fire and save the day. It's all pretty simple, but players can easily complicate their task, allowing differently skilled players to compete against each other. And players can start with it since five years! Tata-Tatu is great fiery fun for kids!
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coaching skills
more levels
can be played by parents and children
five years up
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