Review: Sushi Go Party! – and it’s sushi time again!


Do you remember the last time, you enjoyed sushi? It’s been some time, but the sensation still remains in your mouth. And now the master chef has prepared some new goodness only for us. Delicious onigiri, unusual tofu and surprising temaki. It’s time to discover new flavors of Japanese cuisine, so sit down to the table and go for it!

A great menu has been prepared for us by , which offers follower of its successful Sushi Go game. This new one is a deluxe version called and its author is . Whole appearance was made by Nan Rangsim, who created the complete graphic design of the game, and watched it hit shelves in for the first time.

The new game is hiding in a bigger tin box, so that all the stuff does not start to spoil. On the lid, we see the Japanese sushi family, while inside the player get a game board. It offers eight positions cut out into a two-level board around which the scoring scale runs.


Basis of everything is almost two hundred cards with different types of sushi and other similar food types taken from Japanese kitchen. It starts out with a set of desserts, that is placed next to the board from one side. On the board itself, player shuffle and draw (or choose) menu tiles to create a list of available orders (either randomly or according to pre-prepared combinations). According to this, players will also create a draw pile of cards and only using cards of the same types, that are visible on tiles on the board. Individual participants then get colored figures and place them on the zero space of scoring track.

Game extends across three rounds. At the beginning of each one, players first add and shuffle a few dessert cards to the deck and then give out seven to ten cards to each participant (the fewer the players, the more cards). Individual participants choose one card from all they are holding in hand and put it secretly in front of them. Then they hand over all the remaining cards to opponent on their left and receive the same number of cards from opponent on the right. They all reveal their chosen card and keep it.

By doing so, players try to collect as many points as possible, according to rules from menu tiles, that are revealed on the common board. Only these scoring options are active in the game and other cards are also not present in the deck. Exceptions are of course those sweet desserts.


Most cards have some influence on victory points. They will bring sweet rewards immediately in the current round, with the exception of desserts, that can be scored only at the end of the whole match. In addition to the actual earnings, players can also influence gameplay with card effects. Menu allow players to replace one card from a future offer by another random one, wands offer a chance to play the second card from the hand in the turn and the spoon will give the player the opportunity to steal the card from opponent’s hand.

Options are limited in each game (eight types of cards), but after playing and using all the cards dealt at start, a new round always must be prepared. The players then collect cards (even those scored) back, shuffle them, deal out new ones and start the next round. The Battle for Sushi Goodness continues throughout the three rounds, after which players add up bonus points for desserts, and the one who has reached furthest on a common scale can celebrate victory.

Sushi Go Party! is in terms of rules exactly the same as its older and more common versions. But it will take that impression away as quickly as you are going through card pile. There is really a lot new additions to choose from, but only eight can be used in every game. In order to avoid losing track, which cards are involved in current game, the list is always visible on the joint board on tiles.


Number of options means, that you can still build new variants and combinations, which are always a bit different in terms of overall impression. There’s a lot of possibilities here. Of course, we can not miss any cards we’ve met in the original version, but new options are more fundamental.

Cards are usually based on grouping – the more you collect, the more you score – whether according to the exact number or the majority of the participants. Temaki is critical to collect, because whoever has the least, loses four points. Onigiri is collected in uniqueness of its shapes. These options are really a great choice and the game feels new even after many matches.

Of course, the game is not something extra tactical. It all depends on the card you choose from the random offer at start. But it depends much more on which cards you keep and which you give to your opponents. It is closely interconnected and players have to make clever drafts and successfully collect sets to get as many points as possible.


Simplicity is the weapon, that Sushi Go Party! can use really well. The game is elegantly simple and incredibly fun, because it does not need anything from you. You have to be able to hold cards and count points, but do not expect anything difficult here. This is a relaxing fun, which is especially fun to enjoy. This makes it great not only for parties, but also for families and even for children.

New action cards are also interesting. Spoons allows cards to be stolen from the hand, box will offer an opportunity to get rid of unwanted cards. Ice Cream rewards everyone who has at least four specimens at the end of the game. Depending on the number, desserts contain also rated fruit. Thanks to the spoon, there are even conflicts.

In addition to new cards, the highest number of players is also rising to eight. And that’s a lot better, because with the higher numbers, this becomes a real party fun. But that does not prevent you from playing in two. Game also encourages for a rematch, because you will complete the whole game in a quarter of an hour. However, with a greater number of participants, the level of control changes, because the set of cards does not reach you twice. You can not even count on any knowledge about cards, like in lower numbers. But its still very much fun.


Sushi Go Party! takes the basic game and moves it to a completely different level. A huge selection of different cards and each time a different game. These are the main differences, why you should want this new tin box instead of her original original nurse. Sushi Go Party! is a great evolution of an already excellent party game.

DesignerPhil Walker-Harding
ArtistNan Rangsima
PublisherGamewright, AURUM, Inc., Cocktail Games, Devir, Hemz Universal Games Co. Ltd., Rebel Sp. z o.o., Reflexshop, edizioni, White Goblin Games, Zoch Verlag
Year Published2016
# of Players2 - 8
User Suggested # of Players Best with 8 players
Recommended with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 players
(258 voters)
Playing Time20
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
User Suggested Ages8 and up
(102 voters)
Language DependenceSome necessary text - easily memorized or small crib sheet
(31 voters)
CategoryCard Game, Party Game
MechanicClosed Drafting, End Game Bonuses, Hand Management, Set Collection, Simultaneous Action Selection
ExpansionSushi Go Party!: Inari Promo, Sushi Go Party!: Pickled Ginger Promo, Sushi Go Party!: Sake Promo, Sushi Go Party!: Sukeroku Promo
FamilyDigital Implementations: Board Game Arena, Food & Drink: Sushi, Game: Sushi Go!, Theme: Food / Cooking
Primary NameSushi Go Party!
Alternate Namesスシゴーパーティ, 초밥대왕

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