Review: Super-Vampires – garlic wherever you look


We all thought about vampires from time to time. We imagine, how horrible and scary they are. But they are not true species, we should fear. There are so-called super-vampires in the world and they are more powerful, than anything you have ever heard of. They drink blood of even ordinary vampires for breafast and dinner. They are really to be feared. Our hope, that we will never meet, was quickly compromised. They are here!

Now their story will be told by box called Super-Vampires. These creatures were persuaded to jump into this game by and , but the whole trapping deal of supervampires was work of . They will probably serve as base for fight against the vampires, because they really published it, creating new game for the year .

We do not need to be afraid of these toothy creatures. They are in fact intoxicated with a scent of garlic. But we are not afraid of this odor and we will continue to explore the packaging, on whose cover we see a surprisingly cheerful supervampire holding a club of garlic. Inside are waiting for us especially cardboard parts – one board and then a lot of small parts, from which we can build together a vampire headquarters.


And while the bottom shows colorful rooms, hallways for vampires are instead located near the ceiling. That’s because supervampires are afraid to descend, until there is no garlic lying on the ground. There are two square cardboard sheets, from which tiles with an „X“ are punched out and thrown away. Main frame, which is left in your hands, is a hallway. But players will also find one scale of the Sun, four vampires (wooden tokens), small round garlic tokens and also a set of dice. On top of that, included is also a plastic vampire claw.

At the beginning of the game players will build vampire crypt from the board with four towers located on its corners and choose one of two maps (hallways) to cover it all up. These routes are placed on the supporting columns. Now every corner building has at its top a small opening box. Players each choose one colored vampire token and put it in the corner on a corresponding tower (color). Besides construction, both garlic tokens and dice are placed aside as well as vampire finger and especially Sun board.

In the pursuit of garlic liquidation, players will alternate on turns. Only active player will take on the role of a vampire, while others will become Sun players for the moment. Supervampire puts a vampire claw on his index finger and rolls dice with colorful garlic symbols (before the first game, it is necessary to mark dice with stickers).


Color that is rolled determines, which point needs a vampire player reach in the crypt to obtain marauding garlic. But he can only do so by poking his wooden vampire counter with a plastic attachment on his finger and try to get there as quickly as possible. But at the same time, token may not fall down on the floor. In this case, he must restart movement again from the starting position.

Meanwhile, all other participants will receive dice and divide them fairly between themselves. First player in line gets board with sunrise progress positions. He takes one of his dice and rolls it until he sees not black blank side, but yellow sun symbol. He may instantly add this dice on a scale of sunrise and the sky starts to clear up. If he has another dice in possession, he continues to roll with it, otherwise he passes the whole scale to his neighbor, who starts rolling with his dice.

As time passes and sun starts peeking over the horizon, collecting the spoils is coming to an end for that vampire. His decision always stands, what should he do after getting garlic token (and placing it on his figure). He may continue to another garlic or rather return back to safety of his tower with his current spoil. If he decides to continue, dice shall be rolled again and supervampire learns second garlic position to reach.


Player may continue with his choices until his time runs out. He should probably be back in the tower, where only safe from the sun, before the time runs out. If he succeeded, he can throw all gained tokens into his piggy bank. Otherwise, he lost them during frantic escape, when the sun came out (sun players have to roll sun symbol on all six dice). Game continues and players take turns in the role of a vampire until they run out of garlic tokens. Now everyone reveals contents of their towers and player with the most tokens wins.

Super Vampire really examines patience, nerve and skill of all children. The main content of the game is carefully sliding tokens along narrow streets. But its easy to say – careful – while at the same time, there are other players next you, rolling the dice and trying to prevent you from returning safely with the catch. This brings tension into each turn, but also manages to involve all participants throughout the game.

Solar players obviously have easy role and do not need to make some huge efforts. Instead, they spend most of the time enjoying nervousness of current supervampire. That’s enough, because observation is surprisingly fun. Especially, when you know, you get to make your turn soon.


Players have to be able to take risks, but at the same time also back out of hunt at the right time. Sometimes, one sure catch is more valuable, than unnecessary risks and losing it all. Even after making his return and safely storing his garlic token into tower, a player can still run away and try to gather some more before time runs out. Every so, supervampire must always decide, what is more favorable for him.

This overall simplicity assumes, that game will be played especially by children. This is actually a really stupid game, but it does not change the fact, that six years old kid can really have fun with it. Additionally, skills needed often make it interesting for parents, so children can play with them and even complicate the game a little (less Sun dice to do their move). With this settings, you can perfectly tune gameplay and let stronger (= older) kids play with younger ones.

The whole hunt for garlic is a matter of fifteen minutes. Players quickly use up given inventory. In fewer players, each player gets more turns, which makes the game more enjoyable. On the contrary, a greater number makes the game run slower. Much larger deficiency comes with larger counts, when revealing last garlic can occur in the middle of a round. This means, that all players will not have same number of turns, which is unpleasantly unbalanced element.


Overall, of course, Super Vampire is a reckless game for children, and it needs to be approached as such. It contains no tactics, only partly luck with color of garlic drawn. While the central bank can influence the difficulty of the turn, ultimately it’s all just about skill of players. And here is proving a major plus, because the game teaches children patience. And this is really needed skill in today’s world. From the previous lines, you probably can already assess, whether Super Vampire will drink your blood or not.

DesignerJohannes Berger, Julien Gupta
ArtistPatricia Limberger
PublisherQueen Games
Year Published2016
# of Players2 - 4
Playing Time20
Mfg Suggested Ages6 and up
User Suggested Ages5 and up
(1 voters)
CategoryAction / Dexterity, Children's Game, Dice
MechanicDice Rolling
Primary Name
Alternate NamesSuper-Vampires

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Review: Super-Vampires – garlic wherever you look
Final word
Super-Vampire is a game, that will be favored especially by children. They will need to have nerves of steel and be careful not to get frustrated from constantly falling token. It is therefore necessary to be a bit clever. Players will have a laugh, because even outside their turn, they will be rolling the dice and do timekeeping for their opponent. Although it is possible to adjust the difficulty level for each participant, end of the game disrupts the balance, because everyone will not have a chance to play the same number of rounds. Super-Vampire is a crazy game of skill and within that category, it can be recommended.
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coaching skills of children (especially patience)
fast and thrilling
other players are doing timekeeping
possibility of balance between the different players
two dispositions corridors
game ends in middle of a round
lot of lighthearted fun (not for everyone)
tasks can sometimes be unfair (luck)
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