Review: Star Wars Unlock – an escape long ago, in a distant galaxy

It doesn’t matter which direction you go in the galaxy. Sooner or later you will come across some intelligent race. And although it will usually be inhabited by completely harmless creatures, from time to time you can easily become entangled in a dangerous conflict. And then no one looks too much at whether you are a supporter of the Empire or the Rebels.

However, the situation is different in the new addition to the Unlock series with the important subtitle . Players will once again be the classic rebels, as is expected of them. In total, three new stories are waiting for them under the supervision of a digital application. This time we will not learn the specific names and authors of the scripts from the rules or boxing, only a link to the company. And in Europe, you can play the novelty in English thanks to the distribution of .

With a license from Lucasfilm, let’s look at the planet Hoth, for example. Players will use cards at all times, combining their blue and red numbers, but above all solving intricate puzzles. From time to time, you should notice a small number or letter on the card that points them in the right direction.

But that’s not all. In addition to cards, players must enter the deduced combinations of four numbers into the mobile application. And then there is another case in the form of machines that have their own mechanisms and ideas that are related to the game graphically and thematically. Of course, the application primarily calculates time, mistakes, successes and penalties, so that at the end of the whole team of players adds up and evaluates their joint efforts.

The first in line is the Escape from Hoth scenario, in which we visit a frozen planet. This is also an adventure in which players will combine pairs of cards the most and will therefore feel like in a classic adventure.

Unfortunately, this story is also associated with our only negative experience with the entire Star Wars Unlock. Right at the beginning of the adventure, it is possible to overlook one crucial piece of information and try to solve a task that you cannot solve, although the game will give you no indication that it is wrong. At that moment, you simply give up gradually, get advice from the application, first the help and then the solution. And you will continue without knowing that you have missed a substantial part of the whole adventure.

Basically, even the mechanisms of the first story are not among the best, but with a possible mistake you will lose the best part. Trying for a few original techniques is definitely appreciated, but this time it can’t convey the theme and atmosphere to the player. As such, the first story is also the weakest, although our impression is influenced by our mistake.

The second story is called An Unforseen Delay, in which players escape from prison and experience very close encounters with storm troopers. Meeting codes and puzzles this time is surprisingly straightforward, but above all unexpectedly simple. Of all the Unlocks, this is our record, when in two players we were able to go through the whole story in 32 minutes to a successful end.

But in the end, the most dramatic finale, which is like an embroidery from a Hollywood action movie, will stick to your memory from this adventure.

By far the most successful scenario is Secret Mission on Jedha, in which players will run around the desert. And the best experience is not just because the classic card concept is enriched with a folding paper map. Overall, however, it best gives players a feeling of adventure, danger and also offers a great feeling of a job well done in the case of every solved puzzle.

The third scenario clearly works best and we enjoyed the three of us the most. The time balance itself was excellent, where we managed to finish everything just a few minutes before the time limit expired, even with a few minor mistakes. But again, everything is logical and there is no need to use the help hidden in the digital application.

All three stories are again complemented by the opportunity to choose by name three of the six advantage cards at the beginning, which will help players a bit. But if you want to make the game properly difficult, we recommend playing without them. That’s because none of the stories are difficult. And their completion corresponds to a maximum hour, so you get about three hours of fun for your money. None of the components are destroyed, so the game can be donated to someone in the family or passed on.

The tutorial may look different at first glance, but it’s just a change of graphics. In fact, the introductory package hides classic television again, with its involvement and the final opening of the door in about five minutes. A bit of a surprise for us was a new book inside the box called Step-By-Step Solutions. Its presence spoils the mystery of the whole box a bit, because in the case of a jam, you can quickly see what and how you are doing wrong. And that spoils the premise of the whole escape game for us a bit.

For us as a whole, Star Wars Unlock is a bit of a disappointment and a drop from the traditional high standard of this series. Even so, it’s great fun, especially for Star Wars fans, who will be able to wander around their favorite world for a while and experience unprecedented stories. Star Wars Unlock is a bit weaker, but still a great game.

DesignerCyril Demaegd, Jason Little
ArtistMercedes Opheim
PublisherSpace Cowboys, Asmodee, Asmodee China, Asmodee Italia, Gém Klub Kft.
Year Published
# of Players1 - 6
User Suggested # of Players Best with 3 players
Recommended with 1, 3 players
(18 voters)
Playing Time60
Mfg Suggested Ages10 and up
User Suggested Ages10 and up
(7 voters)
Language DependenceExtensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be playable
(6 voters)
CategoryCard Game, Movies / TV / Radio theme, Puzzle
MechanicCooperative Game, Elapsed Real Time Ending, Storytelling
FamilyCategory: Escape Room Games, Components: Digital Hybrid – App/Website Required, Movies: Star Wars, Series: Unlock! (Space Cowboys)
Primary NameStar Wars:
Alternate NamesStar Wars: Escape Game, Unlock!: Star Wars, Unlock!: Star Wars – Das Escape-Spiel, 大搜查:星球大战

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Review: Star Wars Unlock – an escape long ago, in a distant galaxy
Final word
Star Wars Unlock is a set of surprisingly simple three scenarios, which you will complete with a little time-out with a little experience. But you will have a great time all the time, because the game does not contain any jams or illogicalities. Even so, it is a surprise that there is also a step-by-step guide with a complete solution in the box. The biggest weapon of the new addition is the theme that will certainly attract newcomers to Star Wars Unlock.
Reader Rating0 Votes
+ original ideas of individual scenarios
+ thanks to the lower difficulty, also accessible to Star Wars fans who have not played any Unlock
+ topic
+ rules and tutorial modified to fit the world of SW
+ book with solutions
= in the first story you can make a mistake right at the beginning
= the first story with a weaker theme
= book with solutions
= lower difficulty
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