Review: Star Fluxx – written in the stars

Star Fluxx - packaging

Chaos has overpowered the stars. Nobody knows what’s going on, but the stars began to disappear. Right now, galactic council has a meeting to investigate the matter properly. But the negotiations should have started ten minutes ago, but all journalists, including us from DHC, are still standing in front of the closed entrance to the hall.

Finally one of the representatives came to us. We hear, that the chairman of the galactic council is missing! His ship was last seen orbiting Proxima Centauri, from where she was supposed to fly to Earth. But they did not arrive. Chaos is gaining momentum, people are slowly starting to discover fear in their hearts. Disappearance of an unnamed planet is one thing, but the ship full of humans?

World paniced. Dozens of ships got missing during their trips and no one wants to travel anymore. Humanity is slowly returning back to prespace era. At least until such time comes, when our scientists get to understand, what is happening with the universe. Perhaps our whole planet disappears by then. The Fluxx they call it. It has absorbed thousands of people…

Star Fluxx - game is underway

Fluxx is without a doubt a phenomenon of the card game world. You love it, you hate it, but only few remain indiferent about it. Except for those players, who ever heard of him. And today we want to write something, because we belong to a group of its fans. But we still remain objective, when it comes to new expansions.

That is why courier recently knocked on our door and we received a package with a star in it. Maybe they were those missing from the beginning of this article. But in any case, this is a game called , which was sent to us by the authors – american company . Behind these series of several games, there is still one and the same man – . In addition to these card games, he has also brought us Treehouse pyramids or the children of Aquarius.

Star Fluxx has a very classic card box (this time in black with asterisks on it), with a separaate lid and two compartments for cards. There is a total of hundred of cards waiting for you inside the pile and one sheet of folded rules.

Star Fluxx - game is underway

Now we first briefly talk about types of cards, that can jump out of the box at you. The basis of the cards are the rule cards. Fluxx is variable game only by the rules that players will make when playing. It is also one of the reasons, why some condemn this game. Yet in the package you get the so-called BASIC RULES card and META RULE. Every game starts with them. Beneath them, there are cards with a yellow border for changing the rules during a game and a pile of goal cards (GOAL).

One-time special purpose cards have blue borders. But most important for the whole game are green and black cards, wittily and cleverly named as keepers and creepers. While the first is because you keep them to get the victory, but when owning the second ones, you are not able to win.

And that brings us to the preparation itself. It really is extremely simple – just put the card of basic rules (or meta rules) into the center of the table, mix the entire deck and put it next to that card. Players can now draw three cards in their hand. With these cards, they start their quest for victory. And we will accompany them, at least this once.

Star Fluxx - keeper cards

The basic rules states the only two rules there are for starting Fluxx – draw one, play one. This is the only thing players have to choose at the beginning. First, they randomly draw a card, then play it in several ways. They can put one of the green keepers in front of them on the table. They will only lay there and give their owners a chance to win.

At least this was the case with basic Fluxx game, but Star Fluxx brings a special abilities into play. Some keepers have now their way of influencing the whole game in favor of their owner.

Another option you have, is playing an action card, which usually affects the game only at the moment. For example, when you use Sonic Sledgehammer, all players (including you) will lose one of their keepers. Beam Us Up! reminds of the transport in Star Trek and „beams“ all keepers on the table back to their owners hands. Combining with the hand limit, this can be a fatal blow for some players.

Star Fluxx - game is underway

The most important for the entire card game, however are the new rules and goal cards. The first ones change the rules established at the beginning of the game – for example, the opportunity to draw more cards, or the obligation to play more cards from your hand. There are of course other rules, such as already mentioned limit of number of cards in hand.

Goal cards are the only way to win the game. If you qualify for this card, you are instantly a winner, and you does not even have to be your turn. Usually goal is the combination of two keeper, who you have to have in front of yourself. You may, however, also have no creepers on the table, because this prevents you from winning.

Since the objective cards can be changed, changing new one for the old as a part of your turn, you can carefully prepare your victory. If your opponent does not reveal your tactics soon enough and avoids your winning move in one of the many different options. The game then ends, when someone manages to meet the current task.

Star Fluxx - creeper cards

Battles of Star Fluxx can easily take two minutes or stretch to fifteen minutes duel. It depends only on luck and personalities of the opponents. Chance play a crucial role in Star Fluxx matches, as well as in other fluxx games.

This chance is both magnetic and repulsive at the same time for all fans of card games, that have tried this game. On the one hand, some of them are bothere by the sheer randomness, uncertainty and lack of significant control over the result of the game. This objection of course remains current regarding Star Fluxx.

But the other players enjoy the uncertainty of the Fluxx. You constantly have to deal with changing conditions. One round you have to look for Intergalactic Travellers Guide and Computer for a goal of 42, the second time it’s a starship and literally the stars themselves, according to the objective To the Stars!. The more players the more chaos game unleashes.

Star Fluxx - surprise cards

Star Fluxx then immediately brings two news for us. The first of them is much greater emphasis on the ability keepers, which allows players to do things otherwise impossible. For example, if you have a laser pistol in front of you, each round you can shoot and destroy one of keepers in front of your opponent. A thanks to this new addition, you often feel like you have finally some control over the game. You can also create some combo-like moves and surprise your opponents. You enjoy the game much more in situation like that.

Another interesting feature is the so-called Star Fluxx surprise cards. You can play them at any time, even when you’re on the move! That is why they are wearing two sections of text – one applies to playing during your turn, the other is mentioned, when you play it as a surprise in opponent turn.

And what a surprise card do? Many things. That’s mine card allows you to take one just played keeper card for yourself. More interesting is the function outside your turn, which can prevent the opponent from wining! Imagine the situation – the adversary has everything prepared, laid out the objective and smiles slyly. He lays down keeper, who provides him victory. But you had the right surprise card and you blow his chance away.

Star Fluxx - action cards

Interesting addition to the whole game concept are also types of being. Some have brain and some are just machines. The brain ones are easy target for the Brain Parasites, who will luckily feed on them and their squishy thing.

Increased amounts of text, of course, also increases the time compared to the basic demands of the Fluxx. You have to read the card text and have good outline, what you can and cannot do with your keepers on the table. When you do not use their abilities, nothing happens, but you steal yourself good chances. Because of much reading, the game slows down a bit.

Star Fluxx is well designed ancestor of the classic Fluxx. You will find everything you asked for. It contains plenty of witty references to popular movies and series, and even The Doctor appears in it! The experience goes deeper with new skills of cards, but also get a bit slower and prolongs the game. But the fun is still the same with the Fluxx on your table. And that’s the most important thing for all its fans out there.

DesignerAndrew Looney
ArtistDerek Ring
PublisherLooney Labs, Black Monk
Year Published
# of Players2 - 6
User Suggested # of Players Best with 6 players
Recommended with 2, 3, 4, 5 players
(31 voters)
Playing Time40
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
User Suggested Ages8 and up
(13 voters)
Language DependenceExtensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be playable
(10 voters)
CategoryCard Game, Science Fiction
MechanicHand Management, Set Collection
ExpansionFluxx Dice, Fluxx Promo Cards
FamilyDigital Implementations: Board Game Arena, Game: Fluxx
Primary NameStar Fluxx
Alternate NamesGwiezdny Fluxx

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Review: Star Fluxx – written in the stars
Final word
Star Fluxx is follower of card game series, that builds it existence around as much variability and freedom as possible. You can be sure here, that every match will be totally different. But you cannot be sure, when it comes to the game length - it can last two minutes or twenty. It depends only on luck. But besides the known (prom its predecessor) gameplay, Star Fluxx brings also some news to the table. The biggest one are definitely the surprise cards, which can be played outside your turn and can change the direction of the whole match. Second news is more text on the keeper cards and their special abilities. These texts slow the game a little bit, because you have to have good overview of all your cards and possibilities. The objectors can find all the fluxx flaws, which they do not like about this game. But Star Fluxx still preserves great entertainment spirit and we can recommend it to all quick card games lovers and also to Fluxx fans.
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variabilní herní zážitek
vtipné nápady
odkazy na filmy a seriály
vhodné pro jakýkoliv počet hráčů
vlastnosti keeperů dávají alespoň drobný pocit kontroly nad hrou
nepřináší příliš nového
ve hře je hodně náhody
množstvím textu se zpomaluje hra
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