Review: Socken Pfeffern or Flying socks


Have you ever wondered, what you could do with odd socks left after thier brother/sister got lost or ripped? Odd socks are strange species. They are sad creatures, that usually end up in a landfill. And it’s a shame, because socks also have feelings. And although none of them will never sit on your leg again, they can have other uses – they can fly!

Do you think we’re crazy? A similar pessimism had certainly overcome also , when he first introduced idea of his game originally called . The game was given English name (quite fitting) and it is published by in both languages. Fun with revived socks started in .

The entire game is hidden in a large tin can. It has these dimensions for a reason and its not number of components. Instead, it will serve you as a target for each match with socks. Inside is tucked paper scoring pad diagonally, together with the main title socks. There are four very different colors, but you can use your own, if you have personal feelings for them. On the bottom is also the most crucial element – four purple bags serving as weight.


At the beginning of the game, each player selects one sock and places one of these bags inside, pushing it all the way to the tip. Now, the group still can not start playing. Players had to invent route, they will have to pass to the finish by throwing. Author of the course then places tin on the final position, serving as a hole for all rivals.

Since then, players will take turns from start, by throwing one after another. No skipping or farthest player turn. They all throw socks, overcome obstacles and try to be the first to hit the tin and set the best rating. Other players do not stop playing after his success. Instead, their result will compare to the number of throws needed by the fastest player.

Thus, while first at the finish line writes a zero into the notepad, the others will note their disadvantage, number of their attempts minus the best performance. But this unpleasant figure can naver reach larger number than four. This allows even less skilled player to become competitive in other holes. Players invent new track and throwing can start from the beginning. After completion of the agreed number of holes, player who needed least throws in total, is the winner.


Flying Sox are crazy throwing action game, which seeks to build on the popularity of other throwing games – remember Crossboule? Shooting on holes is very popular in all its forms, whether its the original golf, miniature golf or modern discgolf. This new game then might be as well called „sockgolf“, but because it does not play on fixed courses, it did not qualify for the „golf“ part.

Players have tremendous freedom in creating their courses. From their surroundings, they can easily make obstacles and require players, for example, to throw through the window, over branches or even under the bench. Players must follow all the prescribed obstacles and  go through whole route. There is no maximum length or difficulty, everything depends only on the imagination of the participants.

Throwing filled sock is not easy and takes a little practice. Weight at the tip of sock behaves well and ensures, that it is possible to play even in a light wind. Game usually has the same conditions for everyone, so the game is really designed for outdoor use. However, players can easily compete even inside, for example on stairs or anywhere in the house (parents will be happy!).


At the beginning of each subsequent throw, a player must touch with some body part the place, where his sock stopped moving during last turn. It depends on the site and decision of player, whether it will be arm or leg.

Maximum number of participants is limited by the number of socks in a box to four. Or not? You can use your own as we have mentions. But you still should respect this number, because alternation in throwing would in larger numbers take away the tension and players do not get to action often enough.


Flying Sox are a crazy throwing game. The rules are very loose and set only maximum par for each hole and provide advice on how to play. And it is enough, because everyone feels more involved. The very creation of the route is game itself, but throwing is still the most important thing. Flying Sox is great fun for all, who love to compare their strength in the air.

DesignerFrank Bebenroth
PublisherZoch Verlag
Year Published2014
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4+ players
Recommended with 3 players
(2 voters)
Playing Time45
Mfg Suggested Ages6 and up
CategoryAction / Dexterity
FamilyAdmin: Better Description Needed!, Theme: Laundry & Socks
Primary NameSocken Pfeffern
Alternate NamesFlying Sox

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Review: Socken Pfeffern or Flying socks
Final word
Flying Sox show, that the game can has just about everything as its subject. This time, players will be throwing socks. This is an action game with the aim to be the best outside, as well as in the interiors. The game uses a unique obstacle idea, that allows players to invent their own courses and incorporate anyhting. It is of course not an original idea, though socks were not used yet. Flying Sox is great funny game, if you enjoy throwing on a target and provides a new twist on popular genre of action games.
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throwing socks is unique
maximum par pardons mistake
you can play at home
players, who do not like motion games
just copy of successful games
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