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I could think so! As soon as I start thinking about myself for a moment, went to save the princess and left the royal city unprotected, the enemies attack. I only was away for a moment and they were waiting. I looked at the brilliant mane hanging from the tower for the last time. She was there, waiting to be rescued. But I have to go back. I have to return as fast as I could. I know very well, that without me, everyone will fall!

Welcome to the world of the board game, designed by (Cortex) and . Their creation was made complete with illustrations by . All this was done under the logo. set the box out on a pilgrimage to Europe in as soon as it was born.

The white box of smaller size contains surprisingly a lot. On the lid, we see the heroic knight running back home and into the castle. Players can help him by opening the box, where after lifting the lid, they find a set of twenty square maps printed on hard paper. Each location has a smaller or larger number of circular openings in it.


The entire set is securely housed in a plastic frame, that has circular holes everywhere. The bottom of the box will become the basis of everything. On each side, there is one notch in which players place one lever. And on these plastic tools, players will place frame with those holes. By pushing the lever on one side, the whole surface is tilted. Yes, this is the basic premise of the whole game.

But even before the start of the preparations, there is one thing, that needs to be done. Each world, that a knight must overcome consists of five maps. The team always has to choose a world and then start their efforts on the map with the lowest number. They place it in the frame and placing all the necessary obstacles in the marked places. These are not only blockages or stones, but also enemies or dynamite sticks. Together, they then choose the difficulty and indicate the number of lives on the rotary indicator accordingly.


The knight always has a designated starting point on the map. Players can then begin their journey around the world. Individual maps will ask players for different things. This is, of course, the safe guidance of the knight along the line of light from the beginning (space with a lower number) to the end (space with a higher number). This is done by cooperating and tilting the frame, which results in the knight sliding with its metal wheel on his tummy.

Of course, there is space for extreme caution, but above all, detailed communication between players is recommended. This is because dynamites may enter the game, which must not be knocked over or vice versa enemies, which must be pushed into the holes. The holes are in different places every time and it all depends only on the specific map.


When a knight falls into a pit, sets off a dynamite, or pushes a bad guy into the wrong hole, he loses one point of life. Players note it down and approach a common loss. But they usually can start over, until their hearts run out. In that case, they lost. They can celebrate the victory as a team, if they manage to complete the fifth map and still have hearts left.

Slide Quest is perfectly designed game for families with children. It offers an incredible level of fun, laughter and the necessity of cooperation. The whole game is very cute and evokes only positive emotions in all. A great deal of success stands on the fabulous processing and tilting the board is solved really cleverly, while maintaining small size and quick setup.


It is clear, that with increasing number of map, its difficulty increases as well. In the beginning, there are no surprises waiting for players, but as they move on, their situation becomes much more critical. If you play an ordinary variant with one world, then everything is fine. But once the team has embarked on an epic quest (they must pass all twenty maps to the prescribed number of hearts), its suddenly a run for life. And it is not necessary to emphasize, that such action is only suitable for real professionals.

It’s all about communication. Players must report to each other, what they are doing and make arrangements, so that the knight moves in the right direction. This is where the number of players enters the experience very much, because there are always four bars to tilt. In four players, everyone is therefore only responsible for one tilt, which sounds easier. But the more difficult it is to communicate. In two, its easier to negotiate, but each player has two tongues under control. You can even play solo, trying to do it all with two levers in hand at one time.


Ordinary game with five worlds takes some fifteen to twenty minutes. Of course, players try to tilt the frame carefully and slowly. No time is pushing them. At least until they decide to include a new element in the game. You can add a digital application to the experience to measure time and put pressure on the more experienced runners. This is another way (along with lowering the hearts) to increase the difficulty.

Slide Quest is an absolutely elegant and truly flawless game for families with children. It has tremendous entertainment potential, and it is as simple as moving a piece by tilting the board. Winning ultimately depends a lot on the weakest link, but you will enjoy the chase with a knight regardless of the outcome. When a child comes to ask you for another Slide Quest game, you will never say no.

DesignerNicolas Bourgoin, Jean-François Rochas
ArtistStéphane Escapa
PublisherBlue Orange (EU), Blue Orange Games, Desyllas Games, FoxGames, Gém Klub Kft., Mandoo Games, Mercurio, Outland, Siam Board Games
Year Published2019
# of Players1 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with 2, 3, 4 players
(16 voters)
Playing Time45
Mfg Suggested Ages7 and up
User Suggested Ages6 and up
(8 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(4 voters)
CategoryAction / Dexterity, Medieval, Real-time
MechanicCooperative Game
FamilyComponents: Game Box Used In Play, Mechanism: Campaign Games, Misc: LongPack Games
Primary NameSlide Quest
Alternate NamesCsúszkaland, Obłędny Rycerz, Φτερωτός Ιππότης, อัศวินลมกรด, 슬라이드 퀘스트

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Slide Quest – move here, move there
Final word
Slide Quest is a team variant on the familiar wooden labyrinths, that want you to guide the ball from start to finish. Here, it works quite similarly, but instead of the ball is a knight running on the plan and players have fixed rules for victory and loss. Collaboration in maintaining proper balance is a source of fun and laughter, that makes the game the right fun. Slide Quest is a delicacy for families with children.
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importance of talking
more difficulty
exciting game
really can be lost
with each number of players a little different
can be played in one
twenty maps, when playing repeatedly, are not enough
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