Review: Silly Shenanigans – crazy guilefulness


Did you know, that there is a land, where the toys grow on trees? A place, where you can play with so many friends, as there can be. And it does not matter, whether they are real or imaginary. And you have as much toys as you can carry. There are dams for toys and anytime coulds appear in the sky, you can expect new influx of teddy bears. So what do you think, are you ready to play?

All these toys are part of new board game Silly Shenaningans aimed at children audience. Created by and box published under brand. It was released in with illustrations by .

Its all inside a little bigger, but not big yellow box. We are all invited by playful title picture. There are many elves, who hold a different toy or have them loaded in huge piles on their back. But they are toys rolled out everywhere and generally scene is radiating really peacefully. Inside are waiting for all interested in playing multilingual rules and then one board with the environment and hole in the middle.


Underneath is hides a canvas bag, four cardboard pieces showing main characters (elves, which players will become) with four positions for collected toys on each. Cardboard is also material for smaller stone tile (for covering hole in main board) and lock tile. We also have to mention bag full of wooden figures – different toys (five species, each in four pieces) and one dice.

At the beginning of the game, players split boards of goblins by sympathy and place them in front of themself. Then, box is placed in the middle of the table and its inside is covered with game board. All toys fill up a canvas bag, one toy is pulled out and thrown into hole in the bottom of the box. Then, the hole is covered with stone.

In his turn, player gets one dice under his control. After rolling, it shows him its symbol and determines activities for the current round. It may be one of four available images, first and fundamental for the entire game is symbol of a bag. Thanks to it, player can draw a random piece from the bag. If he still needs to find toy of that color and shape (does not have in on his board), he may keep it. Otherwise, he shows it to everyone, pushes gray boulder aside for a moment and throws a toy through a small hole into the bottom of the box.


When a hand symbol is rolled, player may go on marauding expedition to other opponents. He can steal a toy from board of one opponent and keep it. But he must choose one, that he needs (must be different either in color or shape with from collection). Burglary can be avoided, if players was able to put a lock on his collection. This is done by rolling a lock icon. This allows players to protect his whole board, lay lock tile on his board and become protected until the moment, when someone else seizes it (because he rolled lock symbol again).

Were the players paying attention, when others were throwing toys into the cave? That’s good, because if they roll question mark on dice, they must answer simple question: is there a toy located in a cave, that a player needs for his collection? If the player says no, he pulls new toy from the bag instead and throws it into the cave as usual.

But if he says yes, and he’s right, then he can really take this toy. But if wrong, his turn immediately ends. Game continues until one of the parties is success in gathering all toys. Once any player collects four kinds of toys, he instantly becomes the winner of this toy craze.


Silly Shenaningans is a new game focused on memory. But its not very complicated, because all those toys and cheerful coloring is aimed at children around the fourth or fifth year of age. These preschoolers are now at the stage, where they learn to distinguish colors and shapes, so they will certainly profit from that kind of simple fun.

Game is also quite sophisticated. Their target group includes possibility of stealing pieces from rivals and of course the memory element. But children do not need to remember a particular toy, they just have to monitor those, they are interested in. But if they do not respond properly, nothing serious happens to them.

Game is very simple and since players compete indirectly, they can enjoy it in two with no problems. And they will be having fun as well as when playing in four. They certainly can also invite  parents, who will not mind joining battle in this game, as its quite intriguing. Games are short and swift. Besides memory, it will also support motor skills, which is used in handling pieces.


Already throwing pieces into hiding guarantees success with children. This of course is also supported by processing, which is focused on quality components. There are large wooden tiles and thick cardboard, which is easy to handle.

is well done entertainment for the little ones. We like the fact, that although its target audience is really small in growth, author did not resorted to repetition of simple concepts. On the contrary, created a sufficient challenge and entertaining game, which the children will really love to come back to. Silly Shenanigans is another member of quality children’s games club.

DesignerHans Baumgartner
ArtistThies Schwarz
Year Published2015
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with 2, 3 players
(4 voters)
Playing Time0
Mfg Suggested Ages4 and up
User Suggested Ages3 and up
(6 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(1 voters)
CategoryChildren's Game, Dice, Memory
MechanicDice Rolling, Memory, Set Collection
FamilySeries: Mitbringspiele M (HABA)
Primary NameSilly Shenanigans
Alternate NamesDrôles de lutins !, Schalkse Schelmen, Schubidubi Schabernack

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Silly Shenanigans – crazy guilefulness
Final word
Silly Shenanigans is a game, that you want for your children. Maybe you did not know it yet, but you should certainly think about it, if you have any pre-schoolers at home. Game combines really good entertainment and tempting processing with good gameplay. Throwing pieces of wood into cave opening is interesting for children, but it also has a meaning, because it is important to remember pieces placed inside. Memory requirements are not excessive for such small children, but game trains also motor function. Silly Shenanigans is fast and fun game, in which you collect toys! What more could children ask for?
Reader Rating0 Votes
trains motor skills and memory
possible to steal others toys
equally good with two
quality processing
great fun for children
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