Review: Rhino Hero Active Kids – flying rhinoceros


It is not easy to protect the whole city, even if you can fly. Especially when malicious monkeys climb to the roof of the skyscraper and start to throw balloons filled with unbearable fluid on passers-by. Fortunately, you have a big hood, that protects everyone!

And why not make such a small competition straight away in our house? This is exactly, what and were planning and created action game called : . It’s not a name match, there is our favorite rhino in the main role, but this time he will not build any skyscrapers. The whole adventure takes place under the auspices of and the box was released in .


A small yellow box attracts all the little heroes to the image of the rhinoceros, we all know. Inside, we find a group of four heroes with desire to save the world. Characters have two parts and when connected, they look a bit like an airplane and come also with a transparent stand. They have a body into which the second part slides through the cut, creating a superhero with a cape. Everyone has six round holes in his cape. And here comes a row of colored balls representing balloons thrown by monkeys. But while the heroes are selected by the players and get a small token of the base, balls create a pool in the middle of the table together with dice.


Each round, one player becomes a real hero. Other opponents will deal all the dice. Someone can have more and someone less, it does not matter at all. Together, the opponents count the start of his flight and everything can begin. Player starts with his finger on the base token and his task is to run around the table as fast as possible and touch it with the finger again. In the meantime, opponents roll dice and try to nail the symbols BOOM on three. It is only on one of the six side of each dice. If rival players succeed, hero’s flight was unsuccessful. Only if he landed in time, he can take one ball as reward.


At the beginning, everything is simple. But as the amount of balls on the cloak rises, the flight becomes much more difficult. The player must run around the table with great care, so that no ball falls off. If this happens, it must be found, picked up, returned to the cloak and only then can hero continue with flight. Players alternate in the role of superhero, fly, roll dice and everyone is trying to be the first to collect a cloak full of balls. Player with six of them is the winner.

Rhino Hero Active Kids is a crazy game, in which kids will run around the table. But it’s not all about speed, because they also need skillful hands. Balls are not exactly obedient, and if the hero „flies“ too agressively, they tend to fall on the ground. And that costs precious seconds and usually means a failed flight attempt.


The speed, at which a player must run around the table, is always different. It depends on the luck, that his rivals have with rolling the dice. This is always the uncertainty and the fact, that players simply fail from time to time, no matter how fast they are. And then there is tension.

The kids really enjoy running around the table in competition. It is a game, that simultaneously engages them in motion and they will not just sit at the table as with other games. At the same time, they can compete, which is a great bonus for them. Although it is unlikely, that parents will play with them. Running is probably not the real fun, they would like to indulge in.


The number of players does not matter. Either one rolls every single dice, or dice are spread among more players. The experience is always the same. Only the fun and laugh is much more in higher number, because Rhino Hero Active Kids is close to some party game. The main thing is fun, and here your kids will get quite a sip. That’s, why we really recommend this simple game.

DesignerScott Frisco, Trio Kreativ, Steven Strumpf
ArtistThies Schwarz
Year Published2017
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with players
(1 voters)
Playing Time15
Mfg Suggested Ages5 and up
User Suggested Ages5 and up
(1 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(1 voters)
CategoryAction / Dexterity, Children's Game, Dice
MechanicDice Rolling
FamilySeries: Active Kids (HABA), Theme: Anthropomorphic Animals
Primary NameRhino Hero: Active Kids

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Review: Rhino Hero Active Kids – flying rhinoceros
Final word
Rhino Hero Active Kids is a jogging game, in which it is mainly about being the first in the race. Only then can you load a ball on your hero's hood. But at the same time, you are making more circuits more complicated, because the ball can fall off, when flying. Players all fight together, one races and the other roll dice for symbols. The game is fast and does not exceed ten minutes. Rhino Hero Active Kids is a nice way for your kids to get moving and not just sit around.
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Active Kids concept
trains dexterity
tension each wheel
all players are constantly involved in the game
parents do not want to play
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