Review: Rabbit Rallye – across the lake of carrots


When I first saw its graceful orange curve, I knew it will do anything to get it. Even run across the lake on unstable planks, though I can not swim. Just a hop and a jump and I can finally hold it in my paws. I can not wait to chomp in it. Into a large and tasty carrot.

Race of hares is set. Its author is Silvain Menager and its all happening in board game Rüben Rally (Rally Rabbit). His idea was sheltered by company and comes with illustrations created by Daniel Dobner. Game was released in Germany in .

Little yellow box shows players two cardboard islands, that need to be supported by a cardboard cross to sit high on water. These islands together form a game plan, that should be places around eighty centimeters apart. Each player chooses one rabbit and places him on the starting island. Players lay a supply of colorful bridges at their disposal, together with large wooden blocks, that serve as support for bridges. Destination location is equipped with carrots, that are sticked into open holes to appear as growing from the ground.


As soon as player gets to his turn, he rolls the dice and it will determine for him, which bridge will he be able to place. But he will not pick it up now. Instead, he takes one big gray stone and places it between islands. At the same time, he is trying to place it in the right distance from his rabbit, so he is able to build a bridge across for the rabbit to hop on. He then may pick up the wooden bridge, set in on firm base on both sides and hope, that it will hold firmly in the air above water of the lake.

If a player made a good estimate and bridge holds, then he can move his pawn forward to the linked stone. From there, rabbit will continue moving in the next round. Next player must now roll the dice again, correctly estimate the distance and again lay a stone in a perfect distance. Only one hopper, who arrives on the island with carrots first, is the winner. He needs to announce in advance, that instead of a stone bridge, he will attempt to reach directly the island. The race still continues to decide about the further order of remaining hares.

is a simple children’s game of estimation and risk-taking. Players learn to use color and still get excellent race fun. Only those rabbits, whose owners ideally outweighs risk and certainty, arrives first on the finish line and may bite into sweet rewards.


Rules are really quite straighforward and there is no reason whatever to make them more complicated. So, as stated in the manual, game is ideally tailored for preschoolers. Box recommends the game even since four years up and we can only support this number. Children will also have not only fun, but there are other important factors. Races does not last very long. Game is over in ten minutes. This further supports the already mentioned age recommendation.

Opponents should not use each other’s bridges. Each competes for himself and tries to create the fastest route to his destination. Success is in the risk, if the player is able to estimate the length of the plate accurately. But it also all depends on luck in dice. A player needs longer bridges to quickly get to his carrot.


The game offers more random variations, where players must guess before roll of the dice. This means that the game is much more random and risk-taking result is even greater. Throughout, if a player makes a mistake and connection between rocks is short, then he lose one precious round in race.

Rabbit Rally is a racing game for kids. In the fight for victory, not only luck in the roll of the dice plays important role, but also skill and courage to take risks. Players are sprinting towards a goal and they may do so since tiniest tots, but also older can play. Rabbit Rally is a good game especially for young racers.

DesignerSylvain Ménager
ArtistDaniel Döbner
Year Published2016
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with 2, 3 players
(3 voters)
Playing Time15
Mfg Suggested Ages4 and up
User Suggested Ages3 and up
(2 voters)
CategoryAnimals, Children's Game
MechanicDice Rolling, Movement Template, Point to Point Movement
FamilyAnimals: Rabbits
Primary NameRabbit Rally
Alternate NamesDe Gouden Wortel, Kaniralli, Rally de Zanahorias, , Saute Lapin!

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Rabbit Rallye – across the lake of carrots
Final word
Rabbit Rally is a game full of stomping rabbits. That's because they are jumping around from one stone to another. And since they can not swim, they desperately need bridges. And it is not easy to build such a transition, because you need to correctly estimate distance between the stones to place a plank. Otherwise, bridge collapses and rabbit will have to wait for another chance. Players must therefore be able to balance risk and speed. On the space of ten minutes, this game becomes just enough to keep attention of small preschoolers. Rabbit Rallye is a very simple racing game for both large and small.
Reader Rating0 Votes
thrilling racing
a good estimate needed
wooden processing
simple rules
game for small children
matching game time
older can also play
bad luck can override skill
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