Review: Rabatz! – the famous monster band


Everybody can be famous. That’s what they always told us. But while in the world of people it really is true, if you were born as a monster, it will make you trying much harder. This is because the inhabitants of Earth have no idea of your existence, and you have to go out of the house and break the horrible rules of your nation to do so. And if you’re planning a career in playing music and setting up a horrible band, then it goes a little bit against each other. So all you can do is start practicing in the garage.

Will this band be really as awful as it seems? And when its awful, is it good or bad? This is what designer (Drachenturm, Ab in the Tonne, The Mysterious Forest, Deck Animals) answers in his latest card game! The box came out with logo of and illustrations by in .

A small box lets us inspect the place, where the creatures have their first musical test. But it is not yet clear, who will actually play which instrument. We must help them find out, when we open a small square box. Inside, there are fourty-five cards with musical instruments on the back, but above all images of monsters with various instruments on the front side. From the shuffled deck, three cards must be handed out to each participant, while remainder creates drawing deck near the violet stone. This wooden pawn will be adorned on both sides with enclosed sticker before the first game and put with the creature side up.


Then things start to happen. Players will alternate by always revealing one card from their hand on his own discard pile and doing it nicely, so that all the animals can be seen well. Everyone alterante in turns and stacks of cards grow. All participants are trying to remember, what cards are located in which pile. Whenever one player thinks that at least three same animals are in any opponent’s package, the game may be interrupted. However, as more than one opponent could decide to stop gameplay at the same time, it is not enough just saying so. Instead, player grabs the wooden stone lying in the middle, before he even might announce something.

At that point it is time to evaluate whether the player’s tip is correct. But before that, he must exactly name the animal, that should be repeated at least three times and point to the deck. The accused player takes his stack and checks to see if it is true. If so, then the player receives a set of that creature cards as a reward and puts them in his scoring pile. However, all other cards remain in their place and players continue again by adding new cards to them. However, in the event of an error, accused player will earn points for himself.

At the end of each turn, the player takes a new card from the deck. Game then continues with further musicwork until the players run out of cards. Now everyone cuddles points in their scoring pile. Whoever has most of them, becomes the winner.


Rabatz! is surprisingly a memory challenge for anyone who will participate in such games. The game is dynamic, because for much of the game players are only adding cards in their own bundles. And the break by one of the rivals will bring a short rest. But it still does not change the fact, that the game will fit easily within fifteen minutes.

What prevents every player from watching only his deck and screaming, whenever he puts the card of the correct number? It’s simply forbidden, you might never stop acusing yourself of too many cards of one type. Only when the whole round is played without one of the opponents declaring any package with animal outbreak, he can report his own deck before he plays a new card.

It may seem simple to you. That’s why the stone has the other side. And each time the game is stopped for betting and the stone is turned to the opposite side. This means, that from that moment on, animals are no longer interesting, but players have to count number of musical instruments in all decks.


Moreover, this simplicity is what the game is all about. You will explain it in two minutes using a few illustrative examples and the game can begin immediately. And thanks to that, Rabatz! Is very accessible game that can be joined even by pre-school children. They can practice memory quite well, because they can distinguish animals and count to three. Only a limited number of players can be seen as the only problem with this game. It can only be played in three or four rivals, no more, no less.

We like Rabatz! for its memory element and enjoy it as a lightweight card game. It looks nice and its very nice to play. Placing cards in several places at the same time is a real challenge. It’s not easy to keep an eye on all of them, and that’s why you will not get bored by Rabatz! even after many matches to come!

DesignerCarlo A. Rossi
ArtistPatricia Limberger
Year Published2016
# of Players2 - 4
Playing Time0
Mfg Suggested Ages6 and up
CategoryChildren's Game
Primary NameRaBATz!

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Rabatz! – the famous monster band
Final word
Rabatz! is a clever memory game, in which the animals accumulate in several piles at the same time. And whenever their number exceeds limit in either of them, it is possible to report such a deck and get points from it. In addition to counting and memory, players also need speed to grab the stone faster than others. Rabatz! is a game not only for kids, who are entertained easily, but also for adults, who will have fun as well.
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proper memory test
two difficulties
interesting element of counting in multiple piles
dynamic waveform
even for smaller children
only for three or four players
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