Review: Quarriors – fight for quiddity

Quarriors - packaging

Do you hear that rumble? Sound of war, which is carried in the air? It seems, like its approaching fast and threatens to engulf us? This is no imagination, it is a fact. The country Quay brace for the final battle. Dragons, ghosts and goblins. They’re all here and now is not important, who is on which side. No one already knows for a long time, who was right and who was the one, who deserved to be punished. Last bloodshed answers all questions asked, but written history will remember only story of the winners..

Quarriros! is a game, we keep hearing since it publishing. It continues to surprise players with its constant rumble. Its authors are big names: (Lost Legends – review, Thunderstone Advance – review) and Eric Lang (Trains and Stations – reviews, LCG, A Game of Thrones LCG). This game was released in the production of already in with illustrations by and .

Larger box will attack you with its lots of special purple illustrations and inscriptions. So it is better to leave it aside and look inside. We are welcomed with a detailed manual and gradually described rules, but also a small scoring board of hard paper.

Quarriors - game is ready

Everything else is covering by a plastic lid. There are four small wooden cubes for monitoring gain of fame and four cloth bags. But mostly, there is a total of 130 six-sided dice and 53 cards. These dice are all embossed and therefore will entertain you for a long time without losing legibility of the symbol. This is important, because these dice will be used almost constantly. Whole game is about rolling them..

The biggest pile is of white dice representing basic essence (called quiddity) and brown assistantss to help you in the beginning. Into symbol of a tear is shaped game currency – magical energy, for which you can buy new members into your ranks. But these are not on the sides of dice themselves, because inside these tears, you can see number one or two indicating, how much of essence have you got for rolling that dice.

Rest of the dice groups is easily divided into groups by color, each containing exactly five dice. And they consist of find plenty of other symbols and not just the big ones in the middle, specifying special abilities and icons for some creatures. In all four corners of the dice, there is more information hidden – whether they are numbers indicating monsters level, its attack and defense power or the asterisk as a specialty sign.

Quarriors - game is ready

Each group of dice has associated several cards in the box with it. They always match the color of the dice (at least to extent possible), always have all the same illustration, but printed text may vary. You can always be sure, that price is sees in the upper left corner, next to value of fame for their survival to your next turn, but above all a box with description of skills (some will require symbols of stars to activate). Last line on the card is always dedicated to six icons, that exactly match those on the dice, so you know distribution of power for each card.

According to the back of the card, you recognize easily three types – basic, spell and monsters. In preparation, you will first need the basic three, that are part of every game. Take it and put it out on the table. These will now be completed by another randomly drawn cards, so that each color is represented by only one card in the offer. In addition, you must keep ratio of seven monsters and three spells. Each card is assigned with all five matching dice, that will be waiting there for their new owners (with each buy, you get one).

Each player takes bag in his selected color and fills it with eight dice of quiddity and four assistants. They are all poured into the bag. Take one scoring cube of same color as bag and place it next to the counter of fame. This is a non-existent field for the number zero, where cube will wait until the first success has been recorded in battle.

Quarriors - game in progress

Each player’s area is composed of several locations. You can establish it by yourself or you can copy the back side of the rules, which are two such boards printed originals. Dice rolled will be put in the active region. From there, they can travel either to the combat zone or on used pile. They all then are moved to the discard pile at the end of your turn.

The game itself is really a deckbuilding revised into dice form. A player’s turn thus consists of drawing six dice from the bag. There is no need to wait, so they are rolled right away and arranged according to resulting symbols. Some icons provide instant power, including re-rolling some dice, increasing the quiddity or drawing more dice from the bag. Such dice immediately after activation wander to the used pile.

More important, however, are dice of spells and creatures, that can not be used immediately. You can move them to a combat zone. While spells are being moved for free there, each preparation of monster costs player’s their quiddity (corresponding to level of that monster). This essence should be available on the dice, which have rolled this turn. This means, that to have a successful turn, you need to have right combination of quiddity and other dice in front of you.

Quarriors - game in progress

With his whole army ready, player now attacks gradually all opponents. Each of them must put his forces in the way of your units – all warriors, he has in front of him at the moment from his previous turn. Defender may choose order, in which wounds are inflicted on monsters. Offensive sum decreases gradually with lives of creatures, who sacrifice their life for you. Each defending dice, whose number of lives is exceeded by the attack, is moved from combat zone of defender on the discard pile. If all the defenders die and attacker has still a force remaining, it is forfeit.

After the battle, you can relax and its up to you to strengthen your little army with remaining resources. But this leads us back to the essence. Its needed to buy new units, but you can use only such quiddity, that was not consumed for bringing your units on the battlefield. These points can recruit any dice, that is available in offer, when you pay purchase value shown in the upper left corner of its card.

Attacker’s units remain in a combat zone and are prepared to defend against opponent’s raids. Players get fame only for such monsters, that survive the whole round and all turns of opponents. At the beginning of his next turn, player can score each dice, which remained alive on the battlefield. Reward varies and is listed in the upper right corner of the accompanying card.

Quarriors - game in progress

When you run out of dice in the bag, you put back all the blocks from your discard pile and continue until any player reaches target amount of fame. The value will vary depending on the number of opponents in the game and can move between twelve and twenty. Player, who reaches this value first, is the winner.

is very imaginative variation on all card deckbuildings. In its essence it is the same, but instead of package, your refine pile of dice. Gradually, you get new troops and stronger dice monsters into your army. Only the right combination and balance of all dice will give you a good background for the fight, but it will not guarantee a win.

At the same time game requires you to attack opponents. Without it, there is no way to win. His unit must be wiped out of the combat zone. When you destroy your opponent’s monster, you also eradicate his chance to gain victory points. You must be able to play monsters strong enough to last till your next turn. You can earn fame only for them and move closer to victory. But even such attacking experience was already there in many shapes, just remember card game Nightfall (review) full of vampires and blood or unique token-based Puzzle Strike (review).

Quarriors - game in progress

But there is one thing to Quarriors!, which is different from all. And of course its nothing else, than dice. Even if you have the best dice and optimized your bag to perfection, you can not know with certainty, that you just will be able to roll correct symbols during your turn to profit from them every time.

Luck in the form of drawing dice from the bag is complemented by a second level of randomness. Rolling the dice. You can not (apart from the correct distribution of dice in the package) control this at all. And this lack of control is grist to the mill of adversaries of this game. Luckily, we met with only a few such radical views, most of the time, Quarriors! excite people. And it does not matter, whether they like deckbuilding card games or not.

Despite its indisputable randomness, this game is a surprise charge. It constantly gives you hope and a whole offer of monsters and spells is beautifully balanced. Dice have simply a magical power to turn everything around even in the last moment and this is what makes this game special.

Quarriors - cards

The great benefit of the game also remains hidden in variability. Author did not leave anything to chance, and each group of dice (which is already more, than you use in one game – three of five available spells and seven out of ten monsters) has several cards assigned. And because each has its own version of special abilities (and sometimes even different price), your fights will differ significantly for each other.

In addition to the simplicity and open cards with abilities (the game is therefore open even to players, who do not speak english at all), the largest weapon of Quarriors is their speed. During your turn, there is not much chance to slow game down unnecessarily and think long over your options. With this, the game does squeeze a whole fight into thirty minutes, after which you’ll want to immediately retaliate with another match.

For otherwise almost perfect processing, it is a great pity, that you won’t find game boards for all players in the box. This would facilitate all participants to organize their dice and improved overview of the situation, in which your opponents actually are. And while we’re at execution, we have to mention the color imbalance, when dice often do not match the shade of the card color. Binders for dice are great, but you do not fit all dice into them. But all these little things are flushed away with massive flood of colored dice, which are waiting for us inside.

Quarriors - dice

Quarriors! is an excellent dice game, that makes deckbuildingu a little more casual, but also more exciting and with more action involved. It offers easy rules accessible to beginners and gameplay, that rewards advanced fans of board games (especially with regard to available expansions). This is the real deckbuilding for all lovers of dice. And believe us, we belong to them!

DesignerMike Elliott, Eric M. Lang
ArtistJ. Lonnee, Chris Raimo
PublisherWizKids (I), Arclight Games, Galápagos Jogos, Intrafin Games, NECA, Stratelibri, Zvezda
Year Published2011
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with 2, 3, 4 players
(236 voters)
Playing Time30
Mfg Suggested Ages14 and up
User Suggested Ages8 and up
(79 voters)
Language DependenceModerate in-game text - needs crib sheet or paste ups
(68 voters)
CategoryDice, Fantasy, Fighting
MechanicDeck, Bag, and Pool Building, Dice Rolling, Open Drafting
ExpansionQuarriors! Key Master Lord of the Quarry Promo Card, Quarriors! Quarmageddon, Quarriors! Quarmageddon: Multiplying Mischievous Imp Promo Card, Quarriors! Quartifacts, Quarriors! Quaxos Promo Cards, Quarriors! Quest of the Qladiator, Quarriors! Rise of the Demons, Quarriors! X-Mas Promo Cards, Quarriors!: Quarmageddon e Quest of the Qladiator
FamilyComponents: Dice with Icons, Containers: Cubes, Series: Quarriors Pool Building system
Primary NameQuarriors!
Alternate NamesQuarriors, Quarriors! Dice-Building Game Set-up Box, Quarriors! Jeu de Construction de Set de Dés, Кворриорс, クォーリアーズ!

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Quarriors – fight for quiddity
Final word
Quarriors!? Yes, its random. Yes, its deckbuilding again. But its all done in more action, funnier and really quicker. There is a new level of tactics, which includes attacking your enemies. Every round, players draw six dice, which are rolled. For icons of quiddity, spells and one-time skills, they can improve their army and attack rivals with their summoned creatures. But their monsters will stand in first lines much longer, because they will have to defend their master from incoming attacks, when he is not in turn. Only monsters, which last till start of their next turn, can bring its owner fame points, which are needed to victory. Before the end of the round, players can also recruit more units from common offer. Game is random thanks to dice, but a lot can be influenced with a correct composition of dice in bag. There are no boards in the box to organize your dice on the table. You have to make them yourself based on pattern on the back of the rulebook. Gametime is really fast for a game of this kind and fun lasts in each number of participants. Dice are beautifully crafted, but their color sometimes does not match with nicely illustrated cards. Everything is lucid and functioning. Quarriors! are simply reincarnation of deckbuilding game in a dice world. And all dice lovers should have it in their collection.
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awesome dice deckbuilding
beatiful dice
variability, more cards for each dice group
forces players into conflicts
dice are adding uncertainty
action game
short game time
player boards missing
luck can influence the game
dice and cards colors sometimes does not match
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