Review: Pustezauber – firebird and its oblivion magic


Or will our memory hold? It is all perhaps quite different, because feathers of a firebird have incredible powers. It is able to bring together those, who sincerely desire it. The more can be animals in the jungle happy to live on their trees. Right now, they will need your support.

They probably will not refuse our offer. Forest for the animals in love is be seen through the game (Magic Feathers) published by . Author of this idea and game is and game is a novelty for the year .

Little yellow box welcomes us with stretched feathers everywhere. But at that moment, none of us is aware, that there is even sack of true colored feathers ready to play inside! In total, there are ten feathers, five needed for the game and five spare ones in case they refuse to fly anymore. Packaging includes also one wooden figurine of phoenix and a bunch of square pieces of cardboard with animals. Everyone in here comes in a male-female pair and squares have one side printed plain and the other with enchanted magical bird and its feathers.


At the beginning of the game, players take forty pieces of animals and spread them on the table. All creatures should be with their enchanted side down and look at the world calmly, with non-loving eyes. Each participant is given a feather. The magical bird will sit on the far side of the table and will be watching.

Everyone prepares his flying instrument and starting player puts his feather on an outstretched palm. His goal now is to blow and hit one lying tiles with his light and tingly item. If feather lands on any critters, player may seize it for himself. If this is first of a pair, nothing special is happening. Only when someone manages to get a second specimen of the same species, thus creating a couple, these creatures instantly become bewitched by waves of love. New owner will immediately take not only the tile he hit, but also firebird.

True havoc occurs, when feather lands on the pet, whose second specimen is under control of someone else. Active player can immediately claim the whole pair for himself. He takes it and this pair is securely under his control until the end of the game. But even individual creatures (still not in love) can be protected against theft. On the contrary, if feather lands on his partner in the middle, feather lures him together with magical bird. Game then continues until there are animals without owners in the jungle. Winner is the one, who managed to get most of them.


Pustezauber is a safe bet in a world of surprises. For all those interested, it has prepared a single feathersy spell up its sleeve. These are the main element in the game, bringing action and with it also the need for sensitive blowing on goal. Thanks to this game, game can be used not only as entertainment, but also as speech therapy aid.

Blowing is the main weapon, players need to be trained in. Players will improve and their aiming will be as well. As soon as that happens, rulebook recommends to move the pieces further away from each other, which makes the game harder. Players need to do more targeting, while until then, when multiple pieces were close together, they could just rely on some luck. With larger spacing, players must have to be really smart and can not only wait, where their feather will fly. Such tactics does not lead to success.


Game is full of struggle for animals. As long as they are in the property alone, they can be easily stolen by an opponents. Certainty comes only, when you complete the pair. These animals cannot be stolen anymore. Especially in the later stage of the battle, everything revolves around the hunt for second pet of the pair. Having luck and getting the first really means nothing, because it is just as easy to lose it.

Battles are lightweight, as if they were themselves carried on the breeze of feathers. It is a relaxing gameplay, that offers fast laps. In each of these, goal of players is clear and correct selection of targets and hitting them is something kids can easily do and learn. This also makes the game easily accessible from four years up, but thanks to the increasing difficulty, it can be played even by adults. And we can not say that much about games, which begin their age recommendations deep in kindergarten.


Pustezauber or Magic Feathers (Magic Feathers) is one of those games, that will just tickle you in the right place. And this is even more true for children, that will easily fall in love with it. Pustezauber is an excellent achievement, that truly enriches rank of children games.

DesignerStefanie Schütz
Year Published2016
# of Players2 - 5
Playing Time15
Mfg Suggested Ages4 and up
CategoryAction / Dexterity, Children's Game
MechanicSet Collection
Primary NameMagic Feathers
Alternate NamesPustezauber, Souffle Plumes

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Review: Pustezauber – firebird and its oblivion magic
Final word
Pustezauber is proof, how a simple idea can change feel of the game. Connect blowing and feathers together and suddenly, it is not simply hitting the target, but exciting and elegant entertainment not only for children, but also their parents. It all looks pretty and depends entirely on blowing skills, because the game is full of thefts. Game is successfully attacking appetites of the very smallest, and you will make them really happy, if they receive Pustezauber as a gift, no matter the occasion.
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chic fun with feathers
four years up
entertained and parents
blowing fun
difficulty according to the disposition of tiles
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