Review: Puki Duki – pets and their toys

puki-duki-12Puppy and kitten are good friends. No really! While today they will not bake a cake (based on tale by Josef Čapek), but play together they surely will, there is no doubt about that. Whatever their toy is, let it be a ball, stuffed toy, ball of waves or bows, they will always love each other. And from time to time, even mouse will join them in their play. Do not worry, there will be no eating. These animals know, how to play properly!

Several animals got together and prepared children fun in a new game called . The author of it all, Laima Zulone would probably never admit it, but a mouse whispered into her basic idea in the moment, when it was served a piece of cheese. What would this little gray creature not do for it? But word led to another and game really was produced by .

Whole playful fun to catch will be done within space fitted in a small vertically oriented box. Lid looks like a green spotty carpet. Dog with a cat are on it, two main heroes of this game. And inside, everything is clear. We need only thirty-six square cardboard tiles to play. On the back, they have a track of animal paws, but the most important pictures are on the face, where we find a scene involving a pet, a toy or some combination of both.


At the beginning of each combat, children need to divide tiles equally among each other. Each will have eighteen, twelve, or nine pieces in front of them, based on number of players in a match. And because the game main goal is to teach children links between individual elements and explore environment around them, challenge is always only to create a continuous meaningful line of four cards.

One of the children starts by laying out the first tile. Second runner-up can attach another tile, but only one, that contains at least one same item as previous piece. If a player does not have any piece to add, he must pass turn and wait until other competitors attach another picture and give him another chance to continue.

Each story (= first tile) must start with a dog or cat. But only after laying the last tile can player, who ended the series say the whole story out lout and gains all tiles. Then game continues with other rows until the moment, when one of the players gets rid of all his pictures.


There is not much to evaluate about game of Puki Duki. The game’s simplicity and focus on few-year-olds does not make any big goals, when it comes to tactics or complex rules. On the contrary, it is their minimization, what is key to success in hearts of small children. There are animals and kids will definitely want to be friends with them. And because of this, training element of the game is met perfectly.

Game is fast and random, it is perhaps not surprising. Rules still contain a variant for two players, when the supply of cards is common and players create new and new lines together. Here, victory is shared, because there is no way to determine the winner (or rules do not solve this question).

Illustrations are beautiful and playful, but are sufficiently clear at the same time. Children like this game, and box is intended for the right age, therefore for three or four year old little ones. They can use it to practice perception and context.


Puki Duki is a game for the very smallest children, who are just beginning to recognize connections in the world. Stories will simply consist of a series of tiles, but they can also compete to see, who collects most tiles. It’s actually an domino advanced, but with nice illustrations and an educational component. Puki Duki is definitely pleasing to the youngest players.


DesignerLaima Zulonė
ArtistLaima Zulonė
Year Published
# of Players1 - 4
Playing Time20
Mfg Suggested Ages3 and up
CategoryAnimals, Children's Game
FamilyAdmin: Better Description Needed!
Primary NamePuki Duki

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Puki Duki – pets and their toys
Final word
Puki Duki is a game, that is based on luck during initial distribution. After that, players make up pieces into a row according to several images, which have to be connected somehow. But this randomness small flaw can not prevent target audience to enjoy the game. Indeed, we are talking about pre-school children, who will be using Puki Duki to learn new things and still have fun with animals.
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really fun for three-year old kids
training skills
simple rules
only for the little ones
two player game has no winner
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