Review: Pictopia – all fairy tales in one place


There is only one place for all the creatures from fairy tales to go and hide, when they are not talked about and nobody wants to play with them. It is glittering and colorful country full of merriment, where no one is afraid of anything wrong. A world of .

Let us peek into this world with all the mythical creatures. We can do it without hesitation, because of the game Pictopia. It was published in production of WonderForge company and is distributed under the auspices of Pictopia dates to 2015 and yet it can unfortunately (for our Czech audience) only available in English.

Box is already gleaming at us at first glance. It is all silver, but it throws reflections everywhere and becomes a chameleon in its surroundings. We find a lot of heroes on the cover, old and new, whether you remember Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, Olaf, Tinkerbell, Dory or Cheshire cat. Every one of them welcomes and invites all players inside the box. Into his / her world.


Game is fully controlled by cards, which occupy two of the four compartments in the bottom of the box. There is a total of two hundred of them. Each card shows on one side four images marked with the letters A, B, C or D. On the other side, there are five questions regarding these pictures – four classical and one special task. But the box also includes an elongated game board, where the trail winds through from ground start to finish in the heavenly heights of the fairytale Disney castle.

But we talked about four compartments and so far, we only told you about contents of two of them. While the cards are common, although a little bigger than usual, more space in the box is occupied perhaps by even more interesting elements. First come voting pads, which look like the head of Mickey Mouse with a rotating middle and numbers showing up in a hole. Same shape was given also to transparent plastic figures, which will run on the board. We also have to mention betting tokens, which finish our tour of Pictopia.

And still, we are only starting! At the beginning of the game, players put board on the table and place shuffled deck of cards beside it. Each participant chooses one color, stands his translucent figure on one of the starting spaces and gets also voting plate in the same color, along with five betting chips valued ​​from one to five.


Each round, one player becomes the host and invites all other players into the house to tell one fairytale to them. To find out, who will be its main hero, he must first roll the dice. Now according to figures, that was rolled on the die, player moves his pawn on the board. Each box has one printed symbol, that indicates type of task waiting for the player.

Active player now takes top card from drawing deck and reveals it. All players can closely inspect four pictures, but must not look on the other side with text. All participants (except the host) can now bet with tokens on their ability to answer the question about these four pictures. The greater chance they think they have, the greater number should be selected. If they answer correctly, they will be able to move their pawn by this number of fields forward.

After that, active player takes the card, turns it over and reads the question next to the symbol his figure is standing on. But while betting was made by every player for himself, answering will usually be a result of cooperation. In three question types (icons), players must agree on a common response or responses. According to the type of questions, one, two or even three answers can be right and players must always guess all of them to advance with their pawn.


But cards shows not three, but five different symbols, right? Remaining two are silhouettes of Mickey Mouse and force players to answer separately (but they still do the token bidding phase). Otherwise, it runs the same as before. Only in the latter case (lowest question on the card), success does not depends on whether selected answer is correct. Instead, players will try to guess response of their host.

In all five options, it will eventually be decided and maybe some of the pieces move forward according to bets from beginning of the round. Then, role of host is passed on and game continues as players try to climb all the way up on a night sky until they reach desired goal. This is a point, where player still has to correctly answer a final question and only, whoever does this first, is the winner.

There are many knowledge games. But there is certainly not much of those focused solely on fairy tale theme. Pictopia has an extra nudge in its: very important Disney license. Now, this is also its greatest weapon, because which one of the fans of animated movies would not want to meet again with their favorite characters like Wall-E, Vanellope or Merida. All these and many others have their fixed place in our hearts.


Often, players are in for a surprise, because cards may contain not only portraits. Sometimes, they offer only silhouettes, objects or clips of environments. Question always relate to it. Players must in every round choose well, how much they believe in themselves. But if they always choose the biggest number, and answer wrong (at least according to the official rules), they are not penalized in any way. That’s a shame, because surely, it is better, if players has a threat in case of failure. They should be going the same number of spaces back.

There is quite a pile of cards and it is not easy to pass through all of them even in several matches. Although they change quickly, each contains five questions and you will be reading only one a ta time. That adds up to a respectable number of thousand questions, that guarantee replayability for this game. In addition, players are betting, when they do not know questions, but have only a clue about, what will be going on. This means, that even if you remember some question, you can get another and still not know answer.

Actual questions are not as simple as it might look based on theme. There is a card with too many cats, and you have to choose ones, that played on the piano in their movie. Other times, you pick builds giving home to royal families. Thematically, questions will of course repeat from time to time on different cards, but pictures will vary. Tasks often require a very thorough knowledge of Disney’s animated films and sometimes even fans will break a sweat.


Although the game focuses on knowledge, players often score together in one round. Therefore, it is possible to get to the end of a winding road within half an hour. Due to the current pointing systém, it is not so important, how many opponents are comparing their knowledge. It’s because its totally irrelevant regarding success.

Cards show only images and makes it possible to play even with smaller children. Fortunately, there are also enough adult cartoons fans, who like to measure the forces. But nothing does change the fact, that a major audience will look longingly for this game and it will make them smile.

Pictopia is a beautiful game of knowledge. First foundation stone for the fact is taking classic Disney fairy tales as its theme and offers a truly fair cross-section of all the movies from old classics to the most recent. Pictopia has excellent processing, promises a long-lasting fun and delivers.


DesignerRob Stoddard
PublisherAsmodee, Ravensburger, Wonder Forge
Year Published
# of Players2 - 6
User Suggested # of Players Best with 6 players
Recommended with 3, 4, 5 players
(2 voters)
Playing Time60
Mfg Suggested Ages7 and up
User Suggested Ages6 and up
(1 voters)
CategoryChildren's Game, Movies / TV / Radio theme, Party Game, Trivia
MechanicBetting and Bluffing, Roll / Spin and Move, Simultaneous Action Selection, Voting
FamilyBrands: Disney, Versions & Editions: Disney Theme Park Editions
Primary NamePictopia: Disney Edition

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Review: Pictopia – all fairy tales in one place
Final word
Trivia games are very much alike. But then you take words and swap them for pictures of famous animated films. And suddenly, you have a completely different experience. At least for the kids and fans. And these two groups can score well in Pictopia due to their knowledge. The game offers great versatility and a lot of characters from all the Disney films, that you remember (even several feature). We have one of the finest and most fairytale trivia game in front of us. Pictopia grabs the heart of every fairy tale lover.
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beautiful theme of disney tales
fair processing
more question types
large stock of cards
it‘s Walt Disney’s all stars
difficulty level of questions
you can always bet fives without any punishment
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