Review: Nowheresville 2 Bandit Paradise – villains have second chance

Zapadákov 2: Bandit Paradise - packaging

Welcome dear cowboys and cowgirls who came today. We are here to remember our ex-city the Nowheresville, which fell victim to violent and blood thirsty bandits. We were forced to run away and leave our propertiesand memories, and some of us leaving even more. But this is not the end. Now it is time to stand on our ground. Villains can breath on our backs, they can try to frighten us but we are going to hold on our ground. We will build Nowheresville 2!

But these poor townsfolk do not know that you are on their tail. You became a bandit with conviction, and even spending some time behind bars did not help rehabilitate you. You are simply a pure criminal. Maybe even feels this way because he returns back to the world of the Wild West for a second time. His new game is called Nowheresville 2: Bandit Paradise, which is a continuation of the previous game Nowheresville (review). This new release came out just one month ago and was also introducedin aexhibition in Essen, Germany. This game is under the company name of and is distributed bythe .

The new box is of a bigger square shape and illustrates robbers running away from the bank. You can tell they didgood loot, when you see their full pouches. And you made out with good loot as well, when you lookinside your box. There is not only a book of rules of about six pages, but also included are big cardboard cards of the game characters.

Zapadákov 2: Bandit Paradise - game is ready

There is total of twelve bandits (with their own unique Attributes) and another eight boards of the same size, which represent town Locations where you have arrived at. Each character has four Attributes, which you start the game with. There are not only Bullets and Courage, but Experience and the number of Hitsaswell. These Attributes can be handled relatively unharmed.Each player has his own basic illustrated Colt (weapon) of one shot,which causes a bullet hole of a small diameter.

Location cards have illustrated icons, which are describing their action. You can use this card in case you want to send a bandit from your gang to that location. Game is also affected by an Equipment card, which improves your basic skills. Townsfolk card serve you as easy victims to rob and also as Coincidence cards.

But the most important thing in the game is money, and you will see, that the game is all about it. But this is still not all. You will get two dices and plenty of tokens representing wounds, bullets, or tokens to improve courage. And at the very end, there will be bullets to shoot your opponents with, especially when you meet them on some hard job assignment. Cool bandits do not back out but will face you eye to eye. For these moments of truth, there are red rubberbands of three sizes, which you will be throwing at your opponent’s cards to knock them out.

Zapadákov 2: Bandit Paradise - game is ready

At the beginning of the game, you have to lay out the town cards in five rows. On the lowest row you can find the Saloon with the coincidence at the entrance, a Bandit school where you can develop your abilities and then you are at the Town, where innocent victims are walking around. Next to the last row, there isa shop and the black market, and at the end, there is the Bank, Post office and Prison.

You will equip most of these buildings with a card deck. For town, put a card of characterface down, who willingly offering his wallet. Lay down three objects for an offer, while black market includes blind drawing from the turned card deck. Turn in somemoney into bank and coach of coincidental value (100 or 200 dollars) facing down.

Each player will choose one bandit and lays out his card in the front of him and equips him self with tokens of bullets and courage to start with. He can follow white numbers on the characters card surface. Put the remaining banditsinto prison, where you can freethemand add to your group later. On top of that, players will receive nine action cards in one color, which do not relate with the color of their character.

Zapadákov 2: Bandit Paradise - game is ready

In each round you will choose one activity for each character using cards. At the beginning it is one bandit, later you can have even more bandits on command. As soon as all players secretly choose locations for their bandits, they will show their options and evaluate them in order from the bottom to the top. But cards could’ve had numbers indicating order, even though you move in one row from left to right.

At the beginning of each round, deposit some money into the bank and into a couch so players have sufficient motivation to rob. The town square is also an ideal place to rob. In both cases, you will have to exceed required value for a successful attack using your equipment cards and dices. Horses and the bank are numbered eightwhile folks walking around square vary in number not only in difficulty and in amount of cash they carry.

Other locations will improve your attributes, to refill your colts or make use of some coincidence. Do not forget about the possibility of breaking into a prison and freeing a potential member for your gang. As thenumber of the characters grows in the game, the probability of meeting more bandits in one location increases.

Zapadákov 2: Bandit Paradise - game in progress

And there finally comes the colts on the stage for a shootout. You can still back out from the shootout and settle for worse places, because some of those places in town have rewards for first and second place winners. You must beware of the number of injuries your bandit collects.When shootout, player takes a red rubber band (bullet) of size corresponding used weapon and tries to hit opponent’s character card. Who leaves shootout with the least number of injuries, wins the shootout.

But round continues and bandits rob for as long as ittakes for one of them to collect enough money to quit robbing for good. The amounts of money vary betweenopponents but they always mean the same – game is immediately over and the player, who collected themost amount of money, is the bandit of the day.

Nowheresville 2: Bandit Paradise is a game we took a cautious approach to. We do not support recycling ideas and continuations, which seemingly do not have any reason. The original Nowheresville isan entertaining game with a unique shoot mechanism. Since 2008, when the game was first published, a lot of time has passed, and shooting opponents became very favored, especially in the game Bang.

Zapadákov 2: Bandit Paradise - cards

But this game goes even further. Although it does not have any hidden characters, it enables you to really shoot your opponents and will surely affect your chance to win. Nowheresville 2 is a strategic game of the Wild West environment, which has a great atmosphere full of bandits and assaults.

Just one of nineactionsin each round makes the game truly suspenseful and sets this game apart from its original game. It is obvious, that Jiří Mikoláš grew fond of this game thanks to his previous game Space Bastards. You still rob a bank andcoach but the game works absolutely different. Players do not compete by shooting a target but compete by shooting each other instead. Thanks to this, there are more conflicts in the game and players do not push the shooting as much as at the beginning of the game. Fortunately, this game also offers an option to cure one of the victims –by sacrificing one round.

Coincidence and insecurity comes to the game after all. You never know whattidy sum of money is in the bank or in the coffer of the coach until you go forward with the robbery. Even shopping on the black market is always surprising. But majority of actions and activities are quite predictable and suggestible. Only except for the other player’s actions, which you can meet by surprise anywhere, when there is only space for one of you.

Zapadákov 2: Bandit Paradise - cards

Game duration is stated in the rules for one hour, which is just right. During this time, you will improve your army of bandits and some of them you will have to bury. But this ishow it works in Nowheresville. Shootouts are happening every day. You have more space in the game when you play with two players. You will get more bandits and at the end you will meet your opponent surprisingly frequent.

The only thing you can really miss with two players, are mass shootouts, which are in rounds of four or five players, a truly real experience. And thanks to the lowercash goal, the higher number of opponents will not lengthen the game, which is excellent. Moreover, it is up to you whether you change the cash goal and lengthen or shorten the game. This duel is still more entertaining than in many other games, which the author deserves credit for.

Zapadákov 2: Bandit Paradise - cards

This time the graphics is an absolute copybook example and perfectly captures the mood of gunmen and bandits. Big cards are made out of hard sturdy cardboard and the illustrations on them turned out great. Nowheresville 2: Bandit Paradise follows in its older brother’s footsteps and makes everything a lot better and does not give a chance to the first Nowheresville. This is an excellent, suspenseful and conflictinggame from the Wild West. Does Bang still seem excitingly the same to you? Then try Nowheresville 2, and you will see what the Wild West really was about.

DesignerJiri Mikolas
PublisherJira's Games
Year Published
# of Players2 - 5
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with 2, 3, 5 players
(2 voters)
Playing Time60
Mfg Suggested Ages10 and up
User Suggested Ages10 and up
(1 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(2 voters)
CategoryAction / Dexterity, American West, Bluffing, Fighting, Humor, Negotiation
MechanicOpen Drafting, Set Collection, Simultaneous Action Selection
Primary Name
Alternate NamesZapadákov 2

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Review: Nowheresville 2 Bandit Paradise – villains have second chance
Final word
Nowheresville 2 follows, where first volume ended and continues further with steady pace. It leads us again to a city and world of small thefts, where are you trying to profit the most. But also other criminals are interested in banks and coaches in your city. Players choose one location each round and they either grab everything or they can fight for prey with competition (or back up, if they want). Players are shooting at each other with rubber bullets, trying to hit enemy character card. The better rifle, the bigger is the projectile, you use. You can also enhance your criminals and their skills with different items bought in store (yes, you do not have to steal everything!). Hits then lead to life loss, but everybody can form a gang of more members by freeing them up from jali. This is, where choice and options for each round becomes rich. Its a lot of choices and places to visit and they lead to nice flow of the whole gameplay, which is mostly based on conflicts. Without an effort to rob a bank or coach (where cash rises with every round, until someone empties it), you have no chance to win. And there is no lack of tense and fun gun battles in this game. Feeling from them is a little lacking in two player game, which makes it a little less interesting. Just as the whole game is influenced with a little luck on some places. But Nowheresville is still great competition for famous Bang! and it should have its spot in collection of every simple wild west games.
Reader Rating0 Votes
great mass gun battles
secret action choice every round
equipment cards
players do not shoot on target, but on other character cards
you can have (and will need) more characters in your gang
you get wound and they can be healed
enough locations to visit
excellent wild west graphic
partially copies original Nowheresville
not as good in two players
luck (although it belongs to your bandit life)
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